Are you ready to unlock your unique Soulcode, to live your life in tune with your unique gifts? 
Are you ready to be at your best? Get crystal clear and take action towards the life you desire and deserve.  

Your soul is calling. Are you listening? 


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Welcome! I'm Lauren Burns, your soulful mentor in life and in business.  

I hold a safe space for you to release and unpack life's more challenging experiences, to clear them from your body and your energy field. 

To heal, to grow and to thrive.

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"Lauren's intuitive approach and warm welcome made me immediately comfortable with her work.  I knew instantly that she could 'see' me and understand at what point I was at in my life. This gave her enough insight to tackle the issue and dilemmas I presented quickly and easily. Her guidance has helped me to look at my life with fresh eyes and a fresh enthusiasm as her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. I would highly recommend her support, guidance and wisdom." 
Louise – Yoga teacher & writer



Want to launch your own magnetic soulful brand or business? 


  • Create a brand that resonates at your unique frequency. 

  • Kick start your confidence (on a cellular level) 

  • Follow a clear, step by step action plan to get your brand singing and ready for market

  • Your soul is ready to do your heart work in this world. We need you!

A 6 Week program to launch your business and soulful brand. Be supported every step of the way. 


"Lauren is a visionary who shares her deep wisdom in a practical and structural way to guide people in their businesses. She has an innate ability to guide willing, creative people to ground their ideas and visions into reality in a practical way. I had a creative vision for my business and Lauren guided me with precise questioning to bring it into fruition. She asked me the questions I wasn't asking myself to help me gain a new perspective on how to structurally approach my business. Lauren's approach brings deep wisdom that is 'to the point' to guide people, and their business in a simple and effective way". 
Steph Wallace – Teacher & Entrepreneur  

"I write this with a pot full of tea and a heart full of love and peace...because of Lauren. I'm a massive advocate for kinesiology and always have been. I'd been struggling to stay true to my path for sometime, yet seeing Lauren for only a brief number of sessions so far has already made a dramatic difference. I feel I'm following my life purpose stronger than ever, things are clearer and I feel more content and at peace. The gift of reaching your soul potential is a rare thing, and Lauren has an innate and intuitive way to get you there. I can't wait to continue my sessions...I'll be doing this for ever if I can!"  
Amy – Massage Therapist

"Amazing experience. I think anyone who needs to connect, or reconnect with themselves needs Lauren! Just do it." 
Donny – District Nurse

"Thanks so much for today.. I have found each time I have walked out of an appointment with you, I am inspired to take instant action and get so much clarity about what is really going underneath all the layers, the stuff that is not as easy to say out loud.  I have loved every one of the sessions  and am a total kinesiology convert!"  
Jane – Mother & Kinesiologist


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