Medical Intuitive, a holistic energetic healing modality that balances the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body.

An alchemistic blend of metaphysical practices to allow you to access your subconscious state and body consciousness.   


Many clients report feeling more relaxed, centred, with more clarity and insight, and able to can feel energetic and psychical shifts as a result of the balance. A sense of "lightness" and clearer connection is obtained, allowing you to take on the everyday demands of life from a place of balance. Most importantly, a session will help you to realign with your brilliance, and your higher purpose and potential here in this life.

Some of the main benefits are: 
- Reduced stress/anxiety and a cultivation of a sense of space and perspective
- Renewed energy levels
- Improved confidence & self esteem
- Reduction in physical and emotional pain
- Capacity to see and visualise your full potential
- Help to come to peace with the past and present conditions of your life
- Find a renewed sense of optimism and excitement about your future
- A deep sense of peace, balance and renewed sense of purpose, a deeper alignment with you life path

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Medical Intuitive sessions  
- Stress, anxiety & depression
- Physical, mental & emotional imbalances
- Self love, self esteem & body image issues
- Chronic illness and injuries - finally get clarity on what your body is saying!
- Defining life purpose and clearing limiting beliefs from living that purpose
- Grief, loss and life change adjustment
- Money and self worth stories


We first discuss the reasons why you were called to book in with me. I hold the space for you, and as you talk I tune in and get a sense of the best techniques to suit you and your path. I might ask you to lay on the massage table or we may do the whole session seated, or over the phone/skype. Using muscle testing (getting an energetic and electrical reading from the body) we work towards the goal using a balancing technique specific to you.

I use a combination of the following techniques & tools including:

- Visualisation & meditation
- Vocal toning & sound therapy (medicine drum, singing bowls & voice)
- Tapping ( Emotional Freedom Technique)
- Tuning forks, medicine drum, essences & oils
- Breathwork, mudras & pranayama, yoga
- Kinesiology & muscle testing
- Reiki & talk therapy
- Acupressure
- Oracle cards
- Crystal grids
- Sacred geometry

The gift of love you demonstrate to yourself by investing in you - will not go unseen by the universe. If not now, then when?


Become a practitioner of Medical Intuitive

  • Are you interested in helping your self and others with the practice of Medial Intuition

  • Perhaps you already work in the arena of the body? Yoga teachers, personal trainers, kinesiologist, massage therapists, nurses, beauty therapists, teachers, hairdressers, are all commonly called to this practice.

  • What if you had the tools and language to understand your clients, friends and family on a deeper lasting level, to be a true catalyst of change

  • Do you find people are coming to you for advice and guidance?

  • Are you someone who has a natural intuitive/empathic nature

Perhaps you are being called to become the healer, of self, then others. This training may be exactly the piece of the puzzle you feel you’ve been missing.

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Learn the art and science of Medical Intuitive, and unfold your inner knowledge of the wisdom of the body. I am a practitioner training of Module 1 - Medical Intuition in February 2019. Enhance, or build your own healing practice in 2019. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to become your own healer.

Where: Melbourne, Australia
When: February 16th & 17th - 10.30 - 5.30pm daily
Investment: $660

Strictly limited spaces.