The Value System

What is it that you truly value? Our sense of what is valuable is so uniquely personal. If you were to distill all the truth of what you truly value, would you be living life in other ways? What is your value system, what is it comprised of? 

The Nadis - Energy System of the body. 

The Nadis - Energy System of the body. 


As a collective it seems we have largely been seduced my marketers and advertising industry, the media to dictate to us what we should value, and why we lack value in ourselves if we don’t have the requisite status symbols that we have sub consciously programmed to believe we should have. The game of attainment is a complex one, and It’s a loosing game at that. No sooner are we sold the image of what we should have be or do, trends change, the stakes get higher, horizons bigger. Innovations in technology constantly serving up new products to consume. Investment moguls with “life changing formulas” advise on why we should ditch the $4.00 coffees to make way for building property empires. Not only should we have our own family home, but at least one investment property, right? Overseas holidays need to be adequately instagrammable, and aspirational. Life just keeps getting pimped up, bigger, better, richer, smarter. 

But if you are reading this, I know you don’t buy that line. You don’t walk that path. You know your deep soul values could never be captured in the singular dimension of a social media feed. But, it’s all around you, and our sub conscious brain absorbs it all. Somewhere in there we don’t feel we have enough, that we are enough. We start to devalue who we truly are. 

Where do you place your value? Is it in relationships, and nurturing friendships. Is it in the image you project to the world? Is in the work that you do? Is it in the creative process? What constitutes value for you?

In the group work I facilitate around value, I have witnessed what I think is the key to unlocking and accessing our innate value. It really is in the loving who we are - here and now. Not over there, when you’ve achieved x,y,z. Within each of us the absolute goldmine in uniqueness of who you are, and what lights you up! That thing, that thing that lights you up! That pursuit were time stands still, and you are in flow with you. 

Our personal value system, weaves intricately with the energy system of the body. Our body speaks, when something is out of alignment with our personal values. So often I have encountered clients and students who are out of alignment with their “thing/passion” and working in jobs they dislike, or are feeling valued in the home will have issues in either their lower back or hips, the beginnings of disease.  The area of our body that holds our sense of value, safety and connection. Shoulder injuries, holding up responsibility for a load too heavy. Knees speaking back, when our sense of choice is compromised. The body speaks, and sometimes it yells, it cries for help. I am fortunate to be in tune with my body over the years of work I have cultivated my yoga practice, and when I was in a relationship I knew was making me sick, I had to make the brave choice to leave. In the corporate job that was out of alignment with my values. My level of sensitivity was so great, I could no longer put my health at risk. It wasn't easy, but for my health it was time. I've now channelled my sensitivity into being able to help others, and tune into their processes, that is my reward for my bravery. 

What we truly value shows up and is palpably clear in our spending habits. Take a look at your credit card and bank statements, and it starts getting immediately clear. Do you invest in you? Your health, both physical and emotional? When was the last time you invested in your energy health? Do you spend easily on others, on the family budget, but scrimp on your needs? Where are you in your value system, are you honouring you? 

The circle of clarity program is designed to help create a sacred container to value YOU, your gifts, the expression of you. You’re invited. 

Starts Friday 26th May, 2017.  Step into the circle, and allow yourself to be at the centre of your value system. 


"Sometimes each person's load can only be taken collectively. Collectively we can pull the weight. We have a collective strength in us, hand in hand, in friendship, in the love, and in the affection. Do not keep things to yourself and say, ‘I cannot.’ There is nothing you cannot do." Yogi Bhajan


Community and connection, and being supported through the process of growth and liberation. With tribe we become accountable, and can ride a powerful wave of collective energy, our intentions are amplified at a greater intensity. The group process is simply more powerful when energetic forces come together with a common outcome. To create a life of our dreams, we need a be willing to draw on the energy of team to enable it. Dream work truly is team work!  

Many of us proudly self proclaim to be strong independent women and rightly so, but at what cost does this badge of honour cost us. In guarding our independence self we can too easily be our own barrier between our ability to actually receive the abundance so many of us claim we want. If we are holding it all together, why would the universe send us people to help support us? Independent says, no thank you to the love and support we all crave and need to sustain. 

We must be mindful that our independence is not a consequence of martyrdom. Just because you can do it all yourself, why do you have to? Old habits die hard. Often independence is born as a result of past wounding, times in our past (often in early years) when we did rely on others to help meet our very real needs and they failed us. Independence means no one will fail us, but ourselves. But putting all the pressure on yourself is a heavy load to bear. We grow tired, we grow weary. But no on can do it just like you right? No one does it “right” way? No one will understand. 

Independence is a neat facade for the disallowance of vulnerability. To ask for help, emotionally, physical or energetic also comes with an admittance on some level that we are somehow not whole. We feel we are less than, or weak for not being able to figure it all out on our own, to have all the answers, resources, or means to achieve beyond the day to day, least of all to reach for a life of our greatest desires. You are not less than, you are enough, and your are human. It’s ok to need help. 

Independence is often another word for control. The I’ll do it myself mindset keeps the parameters firmly in place, no one can disappoint us. Interdependence is doing the work, and leaving space for magic and co-contribution.

INTER-dependence requires us to find trust, when we open up the vulnerable parts of ourselves, we must feel and know it’s in a space that is deeply honouring and conscious of the fragility and support needed to guide us through this rebirthing of connection. 

Surrender. In conscious, self responsible community we can see that we are not alone in our musings, our life challenges, we also find inspiration and support to grow with the energetic support of those who truly want to see us thrive. You know the kindred folk, when in your sharing you can truly feel their genuine support. In conscious aligned tribe, there is no competition, comparison serves only to inspire. I'll never forget the words of one my earliest yoga teachers in relation to the yoga shala of highly driven A-type Ashtanga Yogis , we must look to our fellow yogi’s only for inspiration, not comparison, that in itself is a practcie. In yogic teachings the sanskrit word for community is “Sangha”. This is what I am passionate about creating in the communities of women I bring together. I hold the space with the ultimate respect for the unique processing for each any every soul who has gathered in circle. 

The circle of clarity program incubates support through tribe and the process of finding clarity, freedom, energy and focus. Creating confidence through connection. The process allows for your own introspection and reflection and we come together in 3 powerful online women's circles throughout the 9 week journey.  The pauses between connection are where the magic happens!

Launching May 26th. Don’t miss out on this powerful container for your unique process. 

Much love, 


Your true nature

Your life was intended. You are meant to be here. You have a purpose here, a very clear assignment. You chose this life. You had total clarity about arriving into this life, this body, this family and this time on the planet. You had an intention. Are you honouring this knowing? Are you living a life on purpose? Or are you suppressing your ultimate truth? 


What if living your life fully aligned to your purpose was just too much for those around us? Or what if living a life fully in our power was too much to not others, but to us? We can be so afraid of the pure light that eminates from us when we are on purpose that we do anything to dull that light. We distract, we dull, we drown, we desensitise. 

In my childhood and teens I was a big shiny, radiant light, my spirit resistant to the painful truth of parenting that told me “I was to be seen and not heard”.  The youngest of 4 children, my need to be “seen, praised and and acknowledged” was and is the rocket fuel for my life's work. My soul arrived in a home, where the mantras of “life isn’t meant to be easy”  and “money doesn’t grow on trees” was programmed into my psyche. To alchemise the childhood experience of bearing witness to alcoholism, depression, and deeply ingrained patterns. It was my true nature to alchemise the negative into positive, and life has served to me many opportunities to connect to my true nature. Each time I honour it, I am shown the magic in following my heart. Even out of the most painful heart territory. 

My soul knew that within the darkness I was to connect to the core of my shining light. Every chance I was given I would take the spotlight, to speak my truth, to stay in the light of my intention of this lifetime. I took a lead role in school plays, I was nominated school council president, I addressing the school, public speaking to any authorities who would listen, the youth are suffering, we need support. I raised my hand up for every “good cause” I could, collecting money for the red cross, 40 hour famine, in my limited awareness of ways to help humanity it was my natural inclination. I would counsel fellow classmates who I could see where struggling academically and socially, I bought in school spare school uniforms for the girl in class that everyone chastise. I volunteered at the local youth club, I lectured the local council members about substandard youth services at age 15. No one told me to do any of this, there was/is a force in me thatI could not repress, I wanted to be of service in the best way I knew how, by example.

What was your natural inclination as a child, as a teenager? Is that part of you still alive? Or is is suppressed by the voices from within, or those of parents, partners, or teachers that told you it’s not practical, or it can’t make you any money doing it? Have you dulled the inner voice, shrouded by the “should’s and should not’s. The excuses of lack of choice, responsibly, or the age old “not enough time”? 

What if you stopped distracting yourself? Stopped diluting your brilliance. Stopped the excuses.  What could be possible not only for you, but for humanity. What if living a life fully aligned, fully on purpose and ignited was the doorway to the ultimate freedom. The ability to be YOU, and shine like the stars from which you came? 

We get one precious life, and we get the chance to leave our legacy through the example of this life. The legacy of a life full of loving connections, of faith, and of integrity is perhaps the most enduring legacy of all.

Are you ready to connect to your true nature again, to play in this space like a child and see the possibility of reclaiming your life. 

If you have lost the connection to your true nature, and your inner compass of knowing, a 1:1 private session of exploration combined with the potent process available in the Circle of Clarity e course could unlock the part of you ready to re-emerge. The limited release Gold and platinum programs include 1:1 sessions, for those ready and willing to clear out the junk getting in the way of a life of clarity and purpose. 

Head to - and get clear on the rest of your one and precious life. 

Peace in Completion

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 4.08.52 pm.png

As the Autumn leaves teach us of release, they speak to us of the cycle of life. 

All life is a cycle. The sacred cycle, the trilogy of three. Our existence punctuated by the complexity of human emotions, underpinned by the multi potentiality of what is possible through the creative process of life. 

Birth. Through intention the sacred seed of life germinates. The energy of new beginnings, possibility, purity, and the innocence of the unknown. Each new life a potent container for new beginnings, pure creative expression and flow, at the hands of each of us as we journey through life. Each dawn a new start, a new way is revealed. 

This tenderness of new life gives way to the sweet spot of existence. The space in between. The centre, at the core in the moment of all that is. Mid life. Mid cycle. THE moment, that we so often miss when we are lost ruminating on the loss of unmet expectations, pain from the past, the plot lines of stories that could have, should have, would have played out. Are you in the mid point of your life, living it to it’s fullest, from the central anchor of your body? The heart space? If not, why not? Why are you worrying about what is yet to come, gripped by the fear of “what if’s”, or suspended in the echoes of a story that has bought you to a life too far informed by the trauma or disappointments of the past?  

Death. The greatest teacher. The inevitable ending of all things, life, fading beauty, the sweet surrender of a story complete. Completion is powerful. Life shows us countless metaphors In it’s finality, we can bid farewell to aspects of self that have expired. Our ego’s keep us in the grip of toxic, old patterns. We hold on, we store the old stories, and when we hold on for too long our bodies deplete, form dis-ease. 

For true change, clarity and deep peace to transpire in our lives, we must be prepared to complete the open stories of our past. Often when we are truly seeking our deepest purpose in life, and particularly in mid life we can find ourselves holding on to the stories of incomplete stories of self. Unfinished projects, losses not fully grieved, relationships lost. These stories are often out pictured in our surrounds, we hold onto the memories through object to remind us, symbols to cling to, comfort in the tangible. 

If you are truly seeking to connect to your hearts deepest desires, you must be prepared to let go, to complete the stories. To see the new dawn on each of our desires, without the clouded lens of perception of the “failures”, the “not good enough’s" the what if’s. 

It’s never too late to complete a story, to chase and hold a dream that you held as a child, or in a former phase of your life, to find true peace. It may not look the way you expect it to, but if we allow ourselves to stay suspended in the half measure of life, this is what is delivered to us - half measures. 

We must step towards the life of our desires, and be willing to release the old. 

Women's circles for change


Women are coming together, in yoga studios, in living rooms, in parks, in forests in the sanctity of a space devoted to honest, conscious and considered conversation - in women's circles. Conversation of body, heart, voice and mind. Women are coming together not in opposition to the masculine or to men as it once was so in times of feminism past. But in the embrace of the masculine in their brothers, sons, lovers, partners and in the embrace of the masculine within. Women are coming together, for clear and potent expression, expansion and healing. 

There is a strength is the coming together of the divine sharing that comes to pass in the ancient practice of the women’s circle. Last year I was felt called to bring women together in what was a new space for me. To form women’s sharing circles. The magic and awareness it activated was deeply profound. Life changing. I do not use those words lightly, as there are many practices and claims made in the personal development industry that claim such “results”. But this process truly created an awakening and a ripple effect that continues long after the event, and the psychical connection. The simple coming together of women who are ready and open to step into a space of nurtured vulnerability, to be truthful in the expression of their needs, wants and desires creates a charge within each member of the circle. 

In the sharing or witnessing of just one truthful life changing statement the entire trajectory of a life can change, aligned to a greater truth, and with the loving energy and support of a tribe of women who “have your back”.    

The ritual of sharing and connecting is a time honoured tribal tool that has given way to a existence of living behind screens and social facades. Conversations held through devices, devoid of the sweetness of voice and human connection. We crave it and we are starved of it. 

The resonance of the sacred, and respectful sharing, giving voice to the inevitable challenges and joys that life presents, and being truly witnessed in recognised. When established with clear intentions, and facilitated free of ego, a women’s circle can be a potent space of healing, free of judgment, drama, or the need to solve or fix anyone. A women’s circle allows us to show up, with all of our perceived imperfections, the messyness of our earthly lives, speak truthfully about our experiences and emotions and to let go of the masks that have us “keeping it all together". In the safe space of witnessed sharing the insights and self awakening process is inevitable. This is the reason I have included this practice in the Circle of Clarity online course. 

When we come together as women, harnessing the healing energy of the divine feminine we not only diffuse the fire of our own discontent, but we through our vibratory fields enact, and ignite a charge throughout all of humanity. It really is that powerful.

To the women who enters the safety of the circle, and without a word spoken allows herself to cry. To release all she’s been holding in.

To the women who teaches us to be bold, not give a f**ck about what others think.

To the women who is angry, and is brave enough to release the resentment that was forming toxic cell formation in her body. 

To the women who is unapologetic about taking up more space and finally seeing where she has kept herself small. 

To the women who is wounded and unable to express her needs, who feels guilty for taking this time out for herself. 

To the women who is silent but is the strong and steady observer and holder of the space. 

To the women who feels it all, and shares the depths of her soul, brave raw and vulnerable. 

To the women who is awakening, who is in her fierce power and is tired of dimming her light.

To all women, showing us the perfect and delicious divine, as we traverse the passages of women hood.  

To all women who are ready to live a life of clarity, of full expression and to be, claim and have the life of her hearts deepest desires. To share her light and her gifts, to show the way through the simplicity of life in her own expression, in whichever form that takes. 

Are you ready to sit in circle? Take part in a series of 3 profound circles as part of my upcoming circle of clarity course  - commencing May. Head to for more details. 

The magic of intention


How clear are you on the life you truly wish to live? Do you have a clear intention of what you REALLY want from life? Your relationships, career, home, health, body, your community? 

Have you defined what you will, and will not accept? Perhaps you have once set strong intentions, yet on some level you have lost connection to the internal wisdom from within that is your strongest guide. You’ve learned to ignore it, to dilute your deepest knowing, what was once clear now muddied, as you’ve journeyed into unexpected pathways, and experienced the array of emotions of this human life. Territory that has had you experience emotions such as disappointment, rejection, guilt, shame and pain. Your hearts compass weakened by loosing touch with your deep inner voice. That voice drowned out by those of parents, partners, family, mistaking their beliefs for your own, blurring the boundaries of what you know at your deepest core to be true for you. 


Or perhaps these experiences have further strengthened your resolve to stay aligned to your path, your truth, honouring your own internal wisdom. Perhaps you have glimmers of it, start to act on it’s guidance, but shortly after shut it down, dial down your light - procrastinate, ruminate, stagnate in your body and your heart. Your body and soul want you to be vital, to be fully alive, active in all your senses, to be connected and aware. Connection comes when we are in the space of the heart. Awareness and intention is held in the heart, activate it. Light it up through your intention. 

You can choose to reset your intention at any time, and it’s the natural process of life to integrate our lessons and to It’s never too late, and there is never a perfect time to start, to act, to reawaken the dormant forces of power within each of us.  

The magnetic field of your heart will call in your desires, when you stay connected, on purpose, and aligned. Intention is everything. It sets the vibratory field of our body in alignment with the the forces of nature available to us, to deliver to us that which our most dominant thoughts. I often advice my clients to nourish themselves with thoughts, concepts and ideas that light them up. Read inspiring books, listen to talks from people who inspire you, surround yourself in the positivity and intelligence of the collective consciousness that is available to each and every one of us.  

You need to put your order in to the universe, via the magic of intention. If we are not clear in our on what we want, life will come at us through the slipstream of our sub conscious conditioning. To create the life you want, you need to wake up. Waking up the mind and the body, getting it clearly aligned, transforms us into the central channel of life giving magic. Be a clear vessel, and invite in the magic. Yoga, breath, meditation, awareness, movement, clear conversations and connections all tools for awakening. It’s not complex, it’s ancient wisdom, we’ve made it complicated. 

At the start of 2017 I got crystal clear on my intentions for the year. It was a big one, turning 40. This milestone reminding me, life is short, the time is now. When I set my intentions very clearly, my life (on all levels) started showing me a once unthought of reality. My dreams started coming into form, in business, family, relationships, community and so much more. Support came in from all levels, doorways opened into spaces of total light. I want to show you how to do the same.  

Is it time to get clear? Join a tribe of fellow travellers to heart based living with total clarity. 

Check out to awaken the dormant forces within.

First round Starts MAY 1st.  

Completion in clarity


For many of us, clarity is unfamiliar, it’s scary. Entering a space of clarity can be like touching the void of deep expansive nothingness. Entering the absolute, the divine, to entering our buddha nature, or god like presence. It’s a path less travelled, and stepping into a space of clarity is like the implanting of fresh footprints in a blanket of snow. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s full.    

Clarity is what you know is true of you, in your absolute knowing and truth of self. Clarity is the only medicine you will ever need. Because in clarity, you can truly feel you are already whole and complete. You don't need one single thing more to complete you, not a person, not a job,  not a title, not a house, not a holiday. You are complete. 

Clarity comes when you slow down to distill the musings of the inner voice that keeps us full up of distracting dialogues, discourses, cravings and aversions. The relentless streams of repetitive thoughts serve the ego to keep us bound in states of confusion, delusion and avoidance. The mind will keep us wound up a steady stream of self sabotaging loops that keep us stuck in a version of the small self that the ego feels safe in. 

How do we avoid clarity? We consume. We consume media, we consume other peoples ideas, we consume beliefs that are not our own. We consume more than we need, more food, more alcohol, more socialising, more food, more sugar, more disposable clothing, more electronics, more holidays, more plastic, more more more. We are stuffed full with the metaphoric "empty calories” of lives made up of seemingly small choices that are made to mask the lives big choices. The choices that make a life of mediocracy, or a life of endless potential and absolute abundance and potentiality. 

We avoid the truth that comes from clarity by allowing ourselves to remain stuck. To avoid making the big leaps that will ultimately free us from the entrapment of our own makings. Clarity will have you stepping into your absolute power, your total truth and the fallout of this truth is not always perceived as a desirable pathway. It is the path of the warrior, the true leaders, the road less travelled. 

Clarity comes from slowing down. From saying no. From tuning inward. From stopping. From pausing and integrating all of that which you have consumed.  From detoxing the heart, mind and soul of the debris of wrong relationships, jobs, choices, and the effects of distraction. Meditation, yoga, contemplation, mindful living. Mindful choices bring the freedom of clarity.  

The clearing may be messy. The clearing may be painful. The clearing may cause a grief of an aspect of you, but it’s aspect of you ready to depart. For you to truly come home to you. When you come home to you - you are unshakeable, at your core you are in absolute power. No person, no circumstance, no event can shake you. You know the magic of your divinity, and with a tender heart available for loving, available for receiving, and available to lead you to your highest purpose here on in this incarnation. To love. To be love, and to share love. For that is touching the void of divine nature, and that is who you are. 

Launching March 2017.
The "Circle of Clarity" e-course with Lauren Burns - for the ultimate deep dive to the divine. 


Loving Human Touch - Healing the wounded & weary couple

Human loving touch. Hands on skin, touch to the energy centres of out bodies ripe for the connection and charge that comes with loving heart based intimate touch. We need it, our bodies get an actual charge of energy when connected with that of another human. This is why were are gifted with these incredible human bodies, on this earthly plane. To experience the pleasure of the senses, through touch, taste, sight, the many varied sensations available to us.  

Sadly one that far too many of us are starving from this fundamental birthright. A famine of connected human touch. We are swarmed by virtual contact, a steady stream of information based contact via the internet, the media, by “nice” surface level conversation. Yet within our own homes, the place of what could be a refuge, the craving for physical touch between many couples is rarely satiated. Recent research I have personally undertaken of married couples with young children, along with anecdotal evidence suggests that lack of both sexual and non sexual touch is slowly creating more and more distance, resentment and creating far too many irreconcilable wars between partners. Couples have grown weary, and retracted from the very energy that drew them together in the first place. 

Touch and connection are the ways we come home to ourselves and to our partners. The landing place to reform that biologically charged spark that so powerfully unites us in the honeymoon stages of a relationship. Evolved conscious love making, can be a healing force in a wounded couple. Yet coming to that place of reconnection for many is half the struggle. The LAST thing many who are in rift want to do, is to even hold the hand of the waring faction. The patterns so ingrained, it feel almost inconceivable to create connection in this form, ANYTHING but. So “date nights” are set and are often token offerings towards connection that fall way to shy of the potency of what lays right under our noses. Lacking in energy, time or motivation, the unspoken separateness becomes the norm, and the sense and perception of isolation and disconnection expands into epic proportions.

We need a paradigm to reconnect. Ways to share new experiences with our partners, that transcend the societal “dinner and a movie” date night. Dinner and a movie just doesn’t cut it, when the conversation is either non existent or totally head based and disconnected from the very thing we are seeking to ignite. Connection of our bodies and hearts. 

Embodied, heart based experiences is what will bring us closer to one another, shared experiences that allow us to bond transcending the need for analysis, blame games, and score keeping. I have newly launched my relationship medical intuitive sessions, which create a whole new method to explore unhealthy embedded cycles, and the natural enhancement to that journey is the private yoga offering. Private yoga sessions for couples to experience a shared journey, transcendent of words, to create a special experience that will give you the gift of a shared exploration, has the potential to be a deeply healing force. These sessions are held in a deeply sacred space, honouring each individuals needs, and offering chances to explore through gaze, gentle touch and guided meditation a way to reconnect in a healthy and inspiring environment. Away from the demands of the daily grind. A temple in which to enter, to connect once again, soul to soul.

The investment in a couples private yoga series of 6 or 12 sessions, also comes with a goal setting session were we can explore your needs in the journey, and provide a framework for lasting healthy change. When booking select the “private yoga” option, pricing is the same as the 1:1 practice. For those who have tried couples counselling yet find themselves in the same unhealthy communication cycles, this may be the key for you to enter the doorway into the evolved relationship. 

Head to the bookings section to start your journey. 



The VIP Yoga revolution

Poses like this, look hard....but with guidance easily mastered. 

Poses like this, look hard....but with guidance easily mastered. 

A very amazing thing has happened with yoga in the past 3 or 4 years. Its almost now on every street corner (in Melbourne at least!). It’s surely in every gym, multi modality fitness centres, slick new studios are popping up everywhere, EVERYONE seems to be doing yoga! It’s great, it’s what we need and it’s just fabulous that it’s the mainstream, just amazing! 

When I discovered yoga about 15 years ago, it was a lot less common, the time I had with my teachers was immersive and truly transformational. When I was training to become a teacher, I was lucky enough to  go through the traditional sense guru teacher apprentice model, and to also journey to India to the personal home of the Guru of Ashtanga Yoga.  My journey was intensive and transformational, working 1:1 with a teacher who truly shaped who I am today. I attribute much of my strong pyshcial practice to the one and one time I had under my teachers guidance, who was committed to excellence, and to the true path of yoga. It was a rare experience, and one I consider one of the most special times in my life. 

Because of the nature of the teacher student relationship I was in, I was pushed into spaces to help me really see myself, evolve my physical practice, and also recognise a strength in me that had been suppressed by my own self doubts. That is to me, what a teacher student relationship can be, and in todays yoga culture it’s a rare commodity and opportunity to work with a teacher on a much deeper level. In many studios (not all), but many what has happened is this dynamic and powerful relationship has diminished. It was not always a smooth path, but I knew that the yoga was transforming me, and to have someone to consistently witness my evolution, support me, and recognise my strengths and weaknesses, I became much more accountable to the personal growth I  had put my hand up for. 


In short, it was my awakening. I couldn’t go back to self doubt, low self worth, or limiting beliefs. There was no way. 

And there is a new awakening, and shift back to the traditional form of how yoga was intended to be shared. Teacher to student in a caring, intimate, held space. It is said that the teacher must be able to see the absolute potential in a student, and bring that out in them. Amidst the volume of massive class sizes, this is an experience that many now are realising is elusive. This has prompted the new wave back to the roots of learning yoga, 1:1 teachings, in the form of private yoga, and my clients are reporting palpable shifts, both emotionally and psychically. 

At Sri K Pattabhi Jois's (Guruji's) birthday celebrations in Mysore India 2008. 

At Sri K Pattabhi Jois's (Guruji's) birthday celebrations in Mysore India 2008. 

Private yoga sessions are the closest way I've found to replicate that magical experience I had as an apprentice, and really is the best way to deepen the practice, or to start one. I have witnessed students who have been practising yoga is studio settings for years, who at no fault to their own are still getting the basics wrong, with just a few tweaks their practice could sky rocket. But no one is truly looking at it, or putting full light on it. Not through lack of care, but more through lack of energy and time amidst the volumes of students in the massive classes. 

Private sessions with an experienced teacher, who truly cares about your growth are the next revolution in Yoga, and I love that this is happening! What I love about taking these sessions, is that I can weave in all the body conciseness teachings, and energy healing work to truly unlock and create lasting shift with my clients. As a teacher, this is the most amazing and satisfying journey, to see my student truly transform, body mind and heart. 

Who am I seeing in my integrated private yoga sessions? Executives, new mothers who have formed a small groups to work  around babies schedules, and clients who feel more comfortable and luxurious having the yoga come to them. I also have a handful of emerging yoga teachers who’s psychical practice is still emerging as is their voice as a teacher, I mentor them through this,  I love witnessing it all, with the strong foundation of a strong lineage of yoga to draw upon. 

Are you ready to join the new Private Yoga revolution? Join me today, and treat yourself to an experience to truly transform? Jump over to the info page here to find out more. 

9 Easy steps to give away your power

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1. Worry about what other people think of you
This the number one way to give away your power is to before you do anything, or utter a word out of your mouth, make sure you run it past the filter of the 100’s of people who’s opinion should mean nothing to you, but it somehow does. Don’t leave out your close family and friends, you have to constantly worry about what they will think to, lest you make any choices that don’t sit within their current reality paradigm. Don’t rock the boat. 

2. Saying yes to shit you don’t want to do
Always say agree to things you really don’t want to do, it’s a demonstration of how good you are at the above point - the most important way to give away your power. The more of your precious time you spend doing shit other people want you to do, the more power you can syphon off. 

3. Compare yourself to others 
Make sure you constantly check your social media newsfeed and compare your life to the hundreds of others daily highlights appear in the palm of that energetic hand of yours. Especially compare your life against others who’s life circumstances are nothing like yours, do an audit of all the ways in which you could be doing as well as them, and set yourself some unrealistically high expectations to match them. 

4. Keep your thoughts in the past
Spend as much time as you can ruminating on all the ways in which you’ve been hard down by in life, by people, circumstances or workplaces. Really think long and hard (and daily) about all those who have done you wrong. By following this one piece of advice you are sure to keep sending a ton of energy and power out of your body you’ll also give those suckers a mainline to your power centre, so they can take as much of it as they want. 

5. Hold onto grudges
This is an important one, in no circumstances should you ever forgive and move on with your life. Make sure you keep all those negative energetic lines of communication open so those people can remain like ghosts in your life forever haunting you and taking all that vital life force.

6. Make sure you don’t stand out
Do anything to fit in, at all costs. Whatever you do, don’t display any signs of being different, or happy in your own skin. Make sure you follow the “rules” and show up in the world that way you’ve been programmed to. Follow fashion slavishly, diet trends, eating establishments, make sure you do exactly what others in your circles are doing. Don’t think for yourself, or life according to your own rules, hell what even are they? 

7. Ignore your intuition 
There is no way you will give away your power if you keep following those gut feelings, or inner truths. Always do your best to ignore the voice of your intuition, and do the exact opposite. You weren’t born with an innate knowing to squander it on following your own guidance, keep giving away your power by doing the next top tip.

8. Constantly seek the advice of others
By no means whatsoever should you make a choice about your life all on your own, bounce your life around to other people who don’t have to actually live your life, and get them to answer your biggest life dilemmas. Surely they must know better than you! I mean they are on the outside trying to look in, you’re the one actually living your life, what would you know! 

9. Hunt down validation like it’s 1st prize
And last but not least, make sure everything you do in your day to day is to seek validation and approval from people who’s opinions mean nothing to you. The more times you can instantly react to notifications in your social media, the better you are doing at becoming addicted to the validation of others, ultimately giving away a huge percentage of your power. 

Follow this guide, and by the end of each day you should be totally and utterly drained of your power, and have very little energy left to do what you truly wish to be doing in life. 


Post script: Flip it, shift it, rewrite it, claim it all back.