My love affair with yoga

I have fallen in love with yoga all over again, this time around it's a deeper, fuller, more mature and accepting experience. My relationship with yoga is a bit like a marriage, we have our ups and downs, sometimes the shine has gone, and other times the light shines so bright it's all we can think about.

I made a deep commitment to yoga long ago. It helped me to heal my hurts, get over a bad break-up and showed me the strength and courage I had within me. It was through yoga that I finally saw the inner light and the goddess within me. I saw her as a young woman coming through years of inner torment, judgement, and loathing. Through the process of yoga and my years of motherhood this inner goddess has grown stronger, wiser, more self assured, more gentle with herself, more loving and deeply connected to her divine being. Yoga has connected me to the unique goddess and light that exists in all women. Thank you yoga!

Right now my yoga is similar to when I started the journey, with an openness to all styles, no snobbery, no more "your yoga isn't the best yoga". Yoga is yoga, and in my opinion a good student and practitioner of yoga can learn from any class, any teacher or form of yoga. Because ultimately the teacher is like a tour guide to your body, they can tell you the sights, they can show you the way, but ultimately it's about your own experience and journey within to know yourself.

So I've been doing any and all yoga that I can get my hands on! Now, I've done some serious time with my home practice (something I think is vital for a serious student or teacher of yoga), but right now what I need is sanga – community and group energy. So in the last week I've done: yin, satyananda, power align, vinyasa, Iyengar and kirtin, and you know what – I've loved all of it. Loved it. Shhh, don't tell the Ashtanga police.

So whilst Ashtanga will always be my yoga of choice, I'm all for mixing it up a little. Yin, vinyasa, iyengar, satyananda, hot, cold... whatever brings awareness to the body, to my energy, and to my truth. How about you? How do you like your yoga?