The fears we don't face become our limits

One of the top fears in our society is that of public speaking. The very thought of it sends waves of fear, anxiety and can make palms sweat.

Something about putting ourselves in the spotlight, being fully seen, heard and acknowledged can feel terrifyingly uncomfortable. This fear speaks of our deeply held believes that it's somehow unsafe to put ourselves forward, bring voice to out thoughts and let our truth be heard. And it's the voice of our own ego that stands strongly in our way, coming up with a litany of reasons why the experience should be terrifying. "You sound like a fool, who are you to speak about xyz, your opinion doesn't count, your ideas don't matter, this has already been said/done, this material is not original". The list goes on. 

So when we flip the experience of putting ourselves forward to let it be driven from the light of our heart and souls, and that of which when we are in it's truth that your message is delivered in an easy, natural and sincere form. It also pays to speak from a place of honesty, integrity and one which connect deeply to our values. 

My personal experience of starting to teach yoga helped me to bust through a massive barrier to first being able to stand up and be heard, work through the tendency to rush through my words, to stay present in my speech, and connected to my body. Quite often our fear of public speaking is also born of childhood experiences, criticism from teachers, parents when we had attempted to speak from the light of our souls. We start to believe it's unsafe to speak our truth. 

This example of public speaking is just one experience of how we can inhibit our potential to flourish and reach our full potential. We may also be held back by the fear of the ego when it comes to starting a business we have dreamt of, leave a job, or end a relationship that is not in our highest good.  

But when we realise we are not stuck, and it's a choice we can bravely make to work through our self limiting beliefs or situations, that is when the magic happens. Often we have to reach the point where is just becomes too painful to live within the confines of where our ego has pinned us. The light of our soul, the energy and our connection to universal source can be the fuel to fire our dreams and reach our highest potential. 

Recently I ran two workshops, in fact my very first. I knew on a deep level that I was ready, and my messages were clear so I put it out there to the universe that I was going to run them. But let me tell you, I was so terrified before my first one, my ego was on overdrive drumming all types of reasons why the day would be a failure. Even though I had prepared fully, gone over the day, visualised the smooth running of the event, I was still struck down by fear and anxiety. But again, though choice to remain in my centre, aligned to the truth of my intention for the workshop I chose to speak from the light of my soul and heart, and it was felt and experienced by those who attended. There was nothing perfect about the day, there were even typos in my handbook, but as the saying goes, "leave the perfection to god". After many years of harsh self inflicted desire to be perfect, there is true liberation in the ability to relieve myself of that affliction.

When we take the pressure off ourselves for things needing to be perfect, we free ourselves from the act of the impossible, and we allow what is to pervade in it's power. We each have access to choice, and it through choice we can create a life that is magical, inspiring, and truthful.