2015 Clarity and clearing

With the energy of Christmas behind us, and the dawning new years day upon us, this time of year you might find yourself naturally reflecting on the year that has passed, how it's been for you, what you've learned, how you've grown, who you've loved and what you've dedicated much of your time too. 

With each new year exists an opportunity to move forward with an entirely fresh slate, a blank canvas upon which to paint the ultimate image of your life's experience. In fact with each new breath, moment and each day we can choose to move forward in any direction, with any attitude we choose to. 

The beauty of a fresh slate such as that of the early January energy, is that you can make an active choice to release, let go of, and even completely wipe the emotional slate clean from the time that preceded it. How you set upon the next minute, hour, day, month, and years ahead in your life are ultimately 100% completely up to you. You are a powerful manifestor, and co creator of your life and have the ability to leave behind the cyclical negative fear based patterns that may have been holding you back. 

Every day is a chance for a rebirth, atonement, and an opportunity to come to a recognition and gratitude for each new day you have been given. Each new day you have been gifted to live this life which has the potential for pure bliss, calm and love. When we make the choice, intention and create a right minded approach to how we live our lives, we can create a life of love, purpose and joy. 

But why doesn't it always feel that easy to let go of past patterns and behaviours? Why do the same negative thoughts try to interrupt our best laid plans of bliss? Mostly because we put unrealistically high expectations on ourselves be perfect, have the perfect life, body, bank balance and so on,  and we judge ourselves harshly when we are not meeting these goals. It's important to remember we have carefully and mostly sub consciously created the reality in which we exist, and it's taken us years to get here. But we are not alone in these feelings, our world and reality is influenced by a global epidemic of fear,  driven by a media system and economy that perpetuates it. We receive daily messages about things we can spend our money on to escape the fear, distract ourselves from the present moment, cure our ills, and obtain the perfect our lives and bodies. But we also have a choice to tune all of that out too, giving it less power, not buying into it, but instead spend our energy on what is it about ourselves and our lives that we do value, love and appreciate. Go gently with yourself, savour the moments of your life, and the gift of those you love.

With that said, as another year is upon us, I want to ask you, what is that you know you could be doing better for yourself in your life? Now watch what voice appears as I ask this question, have you thought of something and then immediately given yourself a hard time about not doing better? So now without the guilt, again as yourself- what I could be doing better for myself in this life? Ask yourself now, how could I contribute my energy into the world in a way that serves my higher purpose, and in turn lift and elevate the experience of others? How can I be in the world with more gratitude for this blessed life I have been given? How can I bring more love to my life and those around me? How can I be more gentle with myself? How can I connect more deeply? Take the time out to connect deeply, ask yourself these questions and any others that you are guided to, and listen to the voice of your intuition, in mediation, through signs the universe provides you. Just ask, enquire and be open to what comes. 

You get to choose

The thing is about your future, ultimately it's your choice how you move forward in your life, how you live it, and you get to choose the thoughts that make up your reality. No one else can control those thoughts, it's up to you. You choose the food you fuel your body with, the people you spend time with, the way you move and nourish your body, the thoughts you think, to elevate your consciousness,  the way you meet the purpose of your life. No one else, just you. 

So as you pause between the constructs of this calendar we have collectively agreed to follow, can you spend some time to reflect on how you would like to feel and be in 2015. Material goals aside, how is it you would like to feel? 

I will be exploring these concepts, and ideas in my upcoming yoga day retreat "Thrive" on the 31st of January in Kyneton, if you would like to join us, head over to the events page for more details. 

Wishing you a conscious, joyous and loving new year, full of blessings and miracles. 

With light,