Being ok with being ok

Today I passed up the opportunity to see one of Bali's most famous healers. Sounds crazy I know. I couldn't ignore the strong internal message telling me that it wasn't right for me.

I'd even organised the babysitter, made my way to the meeting point ready to head off, and something in me said, no. Now is not the time. This voice wasn't one of fear, or an egoic disbelief in the healer’s abilities. It was the voice of my intuition and wisdom, telling me not to go disturbing waters that are already calm in my life.

Because I am trusting and tuned-in to what I know is right for me, what I should be exploring and working on in my own way.

Sometimes, no matter who it is (even the most famous healer in Ubud) you are the one who has the key to discovering your path and healing. I am by no means saying that I’m done with healing work facilitated by others with deep insights, but more that it's important to recognise when you are tuned into your own wisdom and truth, and feel safe to be in that space, to trust it.

Because, sometimes life can cruise...things can be perfect, even if you are working on 'your stuff'. There is perfection in your own journey and experience.

So when the waters are choppy, how can you journey into self find a way to calm waters?