It’s time to leave the stories behind

Our stories shape us, they create our realities, they create our deep seeded belief systems, they can drive our actions and the rest of our lives. They are powerful, when we retell parts of our lives, it keeps the energy of events pulsating in our being in some way.

I have a question. Does playing out the story of your past serve you today?

At what point do you stop digging into the archives of things gone wrong, romances or riches lost, family of origin hurts? When you make the choice to move forward in life or free yourself from pain, at some point you’ve got to let go of the stories. By all means you can do the work to identity the source for beliefs, but once you’ve done that, it’s safe and ok to let all that go, for the liberation of your soul. 

Yes we experience things to shape us, to show us sides of ourselves we never knew, and to show to us the depth of spirit and strength we have within us. We can draw strength from that indeed. 

Your biography can become your biology. If you keep carrying around past hurts in your energetic body, they can start to manifest in your body blocked energy, imbalances, and at worst a state of dis-ease.

Is there a story you have been carrying with you that you can acknowledge and then fully let go of? What possibilities could you open yourself up to if you came to life without the subtext of your biography? How could you be living a more vibrant and open life?