Can you make peace with your body and, love every part of who you are.

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For many, the journey to love and acceptance of their bodies can be a lifelong journey, and one often unfulfilled. This body relationship is the source of a constant stream of abusive messages, self flagellation and self torment. It weakens our spirit, and it is unnecessary.

Many of us have a completely warped image of the actual perfection of our bodies, we focus not on the amazing complexities of functions they perform, or how our they are the channel by which we get to interact with life. Too often we instead scrutinise, analyse, judge and mentally assault the parts of our bodies we wish to change. Our body becomes the punching bag for our internal feelings of unease, lack of self love and acceptance

It’s time to stop punishing it for all that it is not in our eyes, and see it for the miracle of perfection that it is. 

I have observed, and experienced first hand these negative emotions towards my own body from an age so young that I can’t really even remember when it started. I have been in the caged torment and cycle of not being able to see my own beauty - ironically at its strongest when I was possibly at the outward peak of my physical beauty, my late teens early twenties. I scrutinised my diet, my thighs, my nose, my everything, my wardrobe and I was never okay or confident with who I was. As they say, beauty is wasted on the young, and the sad truth is that when so many young women fail to see their outward beauty they are not able to see the inner deva (goddess) of who they deeply are. 

None of these negative messages are helped by a society obsessed with photoshopped images of “perfection” and streams of alarmingly mysoginist under toned music video clips, doctored “selfies” and a total bombardment all of the products that are needed to make women acquiesce to the industry that continues to make them feel constantly inadequate. 

I very very rarely buy “women’s magazines”, and if any of this is an issue that appeals to your consciousness, I implore you to also take a stand against this crap. These magazines do nothing but serve to make women feel inadequate, they gossip about famous people and sell advertising space to organisations that want to market their products to you, to make you feel better because of the “content” you’ve been served up by the magazines that are forced upon you at supermarket checkouts flanked with chocolate and sugar.

Enough! Lets turn to love.

Would you EVER dare tell someone you cared deeply for that they are, “not skinny enough” or that “you can’t stand their thighs/bum/nose/pimplyskin" or that “they would be alright if not for the bags under their eyes”. NO! Of course not, and you certainly wouldn’t be much of a friend if you did. So why would you tell yourself messages like this, day after day, or even hour after hour, minute to minute.

If any of this is resonating with you I want you to think about how much of your time and energy and mental bandwidth you have poured into damaging thoughts and messages towards yourself? Seriously. It’s time to stop. No really, I mean it. Many of us send ourselves these messages because of deeply ingrained belief systems. But we can take conscious steps to retrain your mind to stop the unnecessary and damaging messages we send ourselves. How? By consistent, and loving awareness and a journey to self love. 

Whenever you hear a thought pattern, acknowledge it, and CHOOSE to replace it with an affirming thought that will serve you. "I can't zip my jeans, I'm so fat", can be how lucky I am to have enough fuel for my body. "My thighs feel massive", becomes the strength in my legs takes me through this earth. Or just simplify the message, “I am enough”, “I love my body”. I love one of Louise Hays quotes - “I love my body, I feed it nourishing and simple foods”. Stop sending the negative messages. The sooner you stop, the sooner the reprieve and the better you will FEEL.

If this sounds like you, please give yourself permission to stop this damaging pattern. Your life is precious, enjoy your body for taking you on this incredible voyage. 

If you feel as though your relationship to your body and how you fuel and exersize it is not serving your health you can choose lovingly, consciously take action to bring it back into balance, without the negative damaging self talk. Getting in touch with the emotions around not only your relationship to your body can be the key to some major physical shifts, but also deep soul purpose alignment. Your body is your temple, worship it, support it and nourish it lovingly, not only with food, but positive messages. The reward in return could change your life.