Tuning into Your Purpose

There comes a point where we start  to deeply question: What is my purpose in this life?

As a child we wonder of our existence on this planet, what's it all about? Why are we here? (Well that part can certainly continue beyond childhood). Our questioning for our purpose can often come in shades, starting with the more tangible layers of purpose, we often start the process working towards a sense of career based purpose. We may enter into training or field of education which supports our sense at the time of what our purpose or vocation is set to be. Often this focus on our working life is viewed as necessary to be in alignment to our true purpose, or as it's termed in the buddhist teachings "Dharma" (life's path). Some of us are lucky to have a connection to the strong inner knowing or call to our lives work and align careers to our dharma and set about a path career progression directly aligned to that inner knowing. Some of us however,  take a journey that is a little different to that, and perhaps still wind up in a place of unknowing about what this life is all about and our place within it, and have to work a little harder to connect in with the deeper meaning of their own life. Which path is better? Neither of course, because each of them is perfect in the bigger picture of your souls assignment on earth and the learning it needs to go through.

I want to challenge the notion that your dharma is fulfilled only once  you are in a formal vocation related to it. Your calling doesn't have to be your job (although it certainly can be if you want it to). It can be the manner in which you do your job, the joy that you can spread in the work that you do, or the energy or inspiration you can contribute to those you impact in your job or your life in general. I also want to raise the possibility that your dharma in life can also be focused in different areas in different stages of your life, according to the  what is important for the growth of your soul at any given point, and to the contribution you make to the oneness of our universe. 

There is no right or wrong way to finding your dharma, and no designated timeframe upon which to find it. But if you are committed to connecting with it, so that your sense of purpose in life is highlighted to you, then the inner work of reflection is such a key part to coming to that awareness for you.  Through practices such as meditation, yoga and kinesiology you can delve into the deep knowing and seek a deeper understanding of your lives purpose. Any practice which gets you closer to your source, the source that created your life, will help you to come to alignment with the intention of your life. It's likely you will have strong sense of what your lives purpose is, and it is likely to be connected to when you feel of service to others, and part of the eco system of this oneness. Or it's when you feel most in your flow state, when life feels effortless and time flies when you are undertaking a certain pursuit - it's different for everyone. Your role is to connect in and find what purpose means for you, and once you've found it, to follow it and commit, and honour it - it is your greatest gift in this life. 

You may even be called just at the right moment to act of service in a particular area, and that simple act of service will often make an unimaginable impact in the world. It's when you are tuned into your inner knowing you will be called to take actions towards that knowing and guidance you receive. One such example of this happened to me recently. I have just moved to the Macedon Ranges and when attending the local farmers market, I was guided to the stall for the Macedon Ranges Sustainability group. Now I am not a hugely political person or have a strong activist mindset (I tend to work on my own turf and trust that the ripple effects of my inner work will weave in where they are needed). This particular day however, I was drawn to sign up to the group, and also offer my volunteer services as a Graphic Designer if ever they needed one in the future. One day later I got a phone call from an individual who had a vision to create a local march as part of a global movement about Climate Awareness, and the push for 100% clean energy, this man was on a mission to create awareness across the entire Macedon Ranges. Three days later, and many phone calls later I had produced a brochure, and poster to go into every mail box in the area. More importantly, I had made a connection to another individual who had a vision for the benefit of all and my efforts had helped him to support his vision. The march was last Sunday and around 800 people attended and the issue came strongly into focus for the community as a whole. I also involved my children (3 and 4 years old), they made their own signs, they marched, and they felt a connection to their new community, they also learned their voice was an important part of the whole). So when you are called to act, there is probably a good reason.


Marching in the first global climate action march with my children. 

Marching in the first global climate action march with my children. 

If you interested in be guided in this inner work of finding your purpose, I would love to connect with you in a Vision Mentoring session that can be done in person or via Skype. Please message me if you are interested. lauren@soulcode.me