Conscious Intimacy

Deep intimacy requires a true courage. The courage to enter a space of true surrender, exposure, to be laid bare for all of your stories, the energies that sit within you, from the stories of your past, the conscious patterns and the unconscious patterns.

Intimacy and the concious relationship is for the brave, for the warriors of the heart. Our souls meet to connect, to heal, to shine a light and to ultimately allow us to transcend our pain, our past, our wounds. Our souls connect as an opportunity to experience pure, unconditional connected oneness to all and to love. Our true challenge is to watch our fears when we enter this space, to transcend our wounds, our stories, the identities we become through these stories. 

When we come together in a relationship with another with an intention for love, growth and true connection, the depth of conscious relationship work is powerful and profound and can deliver you into true healing space. An illuminating mirror of truth is available to those brave enough to look closely at it’s reflection. Once the gentle play of romance subsides, the space that sits beneath it can be truly raw, open, feel exposed and has to dual possibility of both a fertile incubator for our samskaras (old lifetime patterns) to further ingrain, or to wash away their grooves, smooth the energetic cycles. In the healing, we look closely at the our wounds like a surgeon or perhaps a shaman, cleaning our the debris, softly tending to, dressing it lovingly, allowing it heal. But in the cleaning of the wound, the pain can resurface possibly even more acutely than when it was first inflicted. Like a shaman with his drum we stir up the old energies, these deeply held stories are raised to the surface, to acknowledge and release them.

As the storytellers of our lives we build up such an energy around our wounds. Healing force comes when we can consciously acknowledge and the energetic release of the charge of these energies. Our samskaras can loose their hold, their grip, their power. But we are still human, and letting go can take time and self compassion and understanding, we must not replay their energies by suppressing what is truly still being held within us when the whispers of the stories replay for us. As the Sufi poet Rumi says, it is in the dance of holding on, and letting go. Holding on and letting go. Deep surrender and honouring our stories, but not becoming our stories. Our biography becomes our biology, and in the clearing of emotional wounds our physical wounds and chronic conditions can literally dissolve once we acknowledge and take the charge out of our them. Healing practices such as kinesiology, yoga, and reiki can most certainly be used to heal, to clear and to acknowledge in an embodied space, with mind, body and universal forces. 

A conscious intimate relationship is the dance of energies combining, the going in, of giving of yourself, the sharing of your energy, your heart, your body, your life and your spirit. This delicate interplay of staying centred within the path of your own soul’s journey without loosing your own ground presents the deepest challenge of our own relationship to self. It requires us to be courageous enough to soften, to let go of the grip of the energetic defences we can hold so tightly in place, those that we have built around us through the wounds of our human life. At the heart of true deep intimacy exists both a space for vulnerability and surrender. 

The conscious relationship is one for the true warriors. It requires formidable inner strength, self awareness, the ability to question the stories we create, but ultimately the courage to stay aligned to the guidance of your intuition. It offers the opportunity look on a microscopic level at what force is driving your life actions and path. To look closely, to ask “from which source do I draw my energy from? To go to the centre of the source does it come from fear, or does is it come from love? Which space do I choose to reside in? The hell of the ego and fear, or the heaven of higher self and love? We must allow ourselves to journey deeply to the ends of both worlds, to know that the dark and the light exists within us, and from this place of ultimate awareness we find the wholeness we desire. Our relationships can take us on that journey to wholeness, showing us the spaces that need to be filled, not by the other person, they are but a guide to show us the path for this work. 

A relationship can certainly show us our desire to grip, our attachments, to own to hold and define the present moment, and possibly take us out of allowing the space to feel what truly is. We go into our future story, our past stories in an attempt to define who we are, what we stand for, and where we are going on our own journeys. When we meet another, interweave our lives with another force there is a very strong risk of attaching, our “other” can become our saviour, our healer, our teacher and our guide. And so we attach ourselves to this light, to this force, to this power and strength, to the illusion of our own wholeness as it is reflected back to us in this other person. However, gently and lovingly, it is our work in a conscious relationship to be fully willing to release our attachment of one another at any given moment. Knowing that our wholeness, the love that is reflects back to is is ultimately grown and nourished in the practice of journeying our internal landscape and connection to the divine. In another we can see this divinity, particularly in the early stages of a relationship. We naturally and artfully demonstrate and shine the light aspects of self to our betrothed so we can see that light shining back at us, it is a gateway into the passage of our own divinity, so we must not confuse the two.

A strong man will hold the space to the releasing, the countless conversations to dissolve the fears of his goddess, he must within him connect with his own yin energy the soft, gentle, nourishing side of himself must meet her at the edge of both energies. Equally the strong women will know when to soften to allow and surrender to the masculine energy within the union of their powerful yin and yang combined force, she must come to the edges of her strength her powerful yin energies to know how to meet and surrender to masculine energy of their union. A princess warrior will hold her own, she will be true to her spirit, her soul, and her true feminine essence, but she will allow herself to be held by the strength of the offering in front of her. The masculine energy of conquest, of ownership, must be be softened by her energy for she cannot be possessed, it is at her invitation only the union is of truth and balance. Equally she must not quash the masculine forces and soul need for masculine space, regeneration, freedom. Respectfully the two worlds must intersect, in this delicate weaving of light and dark, masculine and feminine. It is in the dissolving of the edges we find wholeness, union and oneness, the deep connection to true love. To true love.

Work with me.

This work is deep, profound and for the bravest of hearts. I know because I have been on the path to the truth of my own heart, and still I continue to explore its rich landscape. I would be honoured to hold the space for you through and in person or distance/skype kinesiology and healing session.