Make peace.....with yourself.

Last week I wrote about courage, and in the week that has just transpired my experience of it on a whole new level, and understand in an embodied way another angle of the emotion.

I have just spent the last 8 days immersed in an experience unlike any other in my years of learning and journey work undertaking Medical Intuitive Practitioner training with Jean Sheehan. Any attempt to summarise in words the depth of the experience would reflect a mere fragment of that which transpired. However. I have many, many, insights to share, it is my intention to share them with you from a place of love and light, and to help you to see that we have a collective story, we heal one another, and we can heal ourselves with the energy of love. 

The planet is shocking us in to the realisation that we need to come to love. The perpetuation of fear was palpably demonstrated through events such as that which have transpired in Paris, Syria and other parts of the world.

Almost 10 years ago, I had a calling to teach yoga. Yoga wasn’t particularly trendy like it is now, it was more earthy and hippy (two “labels” that have never really resonated with me). When I found yoga, I found a way to stop the battle and war of words within my mind and my body. Finally I had found a way to soothe the pain of the many self abusive thoughts, and mantras that ruled my life. I came to connect with my body, to see the wisdom and revel in the beauty and art in the forms it could shape. I faced those negative thoughts and inner battle with myself each and every time I got on the mat. Each time I made peace with another part of myself and my thoughts. 

So now, with the energy in the planet at the moment of earthquakes, of terrorist attacks, we are actually being shown a painful truth about ourselves. What if, as we are all one, these “external” events are actually a mirror for us to see the fear and battle within ourselves. We are at war with ourselves. With the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves. There is a war in our heads and our hearts. We are at war with ourselves, when we go to jobs we don’t believe in, we stay in relationships that don't serve us, we play small, we ignore our bodies, and we disconnect with ourselves through our obsessive reliance on our phones, our news feeds and our instagram likes. 

So here is my take on courage this week. When there is terror and fear in our external world, it take those with a courageous heart to stay in a space of energy of forgiveness and love. But to start by turning within, to say I love you, I forgive you. That act takes courage, to forgive yourself for all the times you’ve told yourself you are not ………enough. 

Our very precious life is too short. Let’s not waste spending the whole time telling yourself you are not smart, pretty, thin, rich, sensitive, strong, blah, blah, blah enough. You are enough. You are perfect, whole and complete. Tell yourself, tell your children, tell your animals and friends. Lets live in LOVE.