Your authenticity is a gift to humanity.

Each and every time I write on this blog with the intention to share my insights and teachings, at some point in the process I am called to check in with myself. To ask of myself, am I ready to share this? Because each time I write, it comes direct from my heart, untethered, and rarely filtered, authentic to my core. I am sharing with the purest of intentions and in some ways I feel I have a sense of duty to share in the world that of my experiences to help to heal the collective consciousness, and to help us to see ourselves in one another. Whoa…intense! I know….it’s exhausting being me!!!

In my thoughts, words, deeds my aim is to come from a place of authenticity. To begin with the truth to myself, and in turn that of others. When we are authentic in our own voice, it gives permission for others to be authentic in theirs. The most raw and honest writing that I have read is that which evokes a knowing within me, a coming home to a collective truth and wisdom. In our uniqueness and authenticity, we tune into our ability to share from our centre, our core. Not to share from that of anothers doctrine. We are serving gifts of wisdom when we speak our truth, it allows us to see the oneness of all. In my story there is a part of yours, in yours, a part of mine. I want to see your truth, your rawness, our oneness, in your unguarded honesty. If we can understand each others unique internal landscape, we can better make sense of our own, and live in a state of peace. Free from competition, comparison, from judgement. 

Of course this authenticity can come in the most simple and purest of forms. We don’t all need to put ourselves out there publicly with it. Authenticity can show up in our conversations, starting with ourselves and then with others. Authenticity and voice go hand in hand, speaking our truth can be a difficult challenge for many of us. Many health conditions housed around the area of the throat chakra, such as thyroid issues, tonsillitis, laryngitis, are all expressions of us in some way inhibiting our true voice. The best practice for this is to listen internally to your truth, and find ways each day to express it outwardly, gently, slowly and with compassion if this is less than easy for you. You could even sing, sing gently to yourself, hear and love YOUR voice, no matter which key it resides in. Your voice is a reflection of your inner light. What is your light language?

When I teach yoga, my aim is for authenticity. I teach based on my own practice, my own journey, and never to I claim to have all the answers or experiences, however on a deep level, I know they are within in me, as they are within you. That is what gives me the inspiration to get up and teach from my heart. We have a collective wisdom of which we are all custodians….it’s just that some of us, through curiosity and a desire to make sense of our experiences seek the collective wisdom, and follow the path to seek the answers, which are ALWAYS found within. It’s ok to show your weaknesses, it’s ok to be imperfect, it’s also more than ok to shine. The seekers will seek, and pave the way of light for those willing to walk it. 

When I realised that I didn’t have to be like anyone else, or compare myself to anyone else - my lord, the liberation! Don’t get me wrong I still fall into the trap from time to time, it’s human nature. But the practice of seeing the comparison and judgement for what it is, sure has the power to defuse the intensity of experience. How exhausting to have to constantly size ourselves up against the whole of humanity!!! Phew, I’m tired just thinking about it. There will always be someone further along the road we want to be on, and some one traversing behind. There will always be someone with more money, and someone with less. Someone with more likes, and someone with less. NONE of it, makes anyone better or worse than anyone. That’s just our ego trying to perpetuate the illusion of our separateness. 

When we put ourselves out there, to shine our light. A number of things happen. The more “positive” of which is that by sharing our inner world and thoughts, we shine light to others to also reflect on theirs. This can provide immense opportunities for healing, self reflection, self awareness and awareness of others. But sometimes putting ourselves “out there”, we can also open ourselves up to becoming a target for the projection of fear that sit within others, it challenges them to awaken to their light. As a teacher and healer, I aim to shine a light for others to see that within themselves, but like anyone else, I too am human. I stuff up, and I have epic human moments. All. The. Time. But I aim to forgive myself, sometimes successfully, and sometimes not so, because I know I am doing my best, and that is all I can do, that is all anyone can ever do. 

So sometimes when I share, and it’s raw and real, I am fearful of what my sharing may bring to light. I have learned to to get over the “what will people think” mindset, because as they say, “what other people think of me, is none of my business”. Sometimes it still hurts when I am judged, because I am sensitive, and I am an empath - and that’s cool, I'm down with that. I am driven to share in my writing because of what it may shift both in me and in others. To help us to remember that we are pure love - and we are whole and complete. 

Is there somewhere in your life you could invoke a deeper sense of authenticity, to bravely and unashamedly be yourself, and show all of your colours, and your light and your dark? 

If you found any of this resonated with you, and would like some guidance to find your truth, your uniqueness, and be boldly authentic I would love to see you for a Kinesiology or Mentoring session. I have guided others with this work, and would be honoured to guide you.

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With Light & Love