A sensitive soul is a pathway to oneness

Were you ever told as a child you were “too sensitive?”, or do people continue to say it to you now? Maybe you are an empath.To be an empath is to have a gift. It means you have already an embodied experience of the oneness of all. You are powerful beyond measure. 

Empaths and “sensitive” souls FEEL everything. They can duck and weave through life, move their physical surrounds for the pain of staying and feeling can be too much. Empaths will soften or dull their experiences growing out the emotions with any range of addictions. Alcohol, sex, caffeine, drugs both legal and illegal, chocolate, food, shopping, exersize, spirituality In our current societal model their plenty of vices to soothe the intense sensation of emotions and feelings. We have been conditioned to believe that it’s not safe to feel the range of human emotions, so we’ve crafted ways to shut it down, and the economic model of our society that prays on our weaknesses has thrived beyond measure as a result of our normal human emotions. 

Criticised in childhood for being too sensitive, empaths can learn at an early age to create boundaries to protect their sensitive hearts, when they are told to “stop crying”, or that what they are feeling is “in their imagination”. The very real fantasy world they can live in can be shattered by the intense energy of adults who have lost touch with their own imagination, or are suffering in the aftermath of their own deep wounds. As guardians, parents and custodians of the new children of the planet we each have the opportunity to honour the real experiences of our children, and to encourage them to stay connected to the sensitivity of their hearts, and to see it as a gift, and help them to recognise it that way too. These are the children that will be healing the planet. I remind my children daily, to connect with their hearts, and to speak kind words to themselves, and honour the stories of their childhood fantasy world. They are awake to the consciousness of oneness. 

The beauty in an empath is that with their love and healing energy they can heal others, deeply. That’s why you’ll find that so many healers and spiritual teachers and leaders are actually empaths. They have gone through their own journeys of pain, of suffering, of soul lessons. They have been through the addictive patterns, the misalignments of their soul, encumbered the deepest of wounds from which to heal and to cultivate a deep wisdom and knowing.  A true teacher and healer acts as guide to light the way for others on their path of healing, and self realisation and a remembering of their state of grace, a remembrance of themselves as whole and complete - even with all the scars of their pasts. 

Until late, I’ve always tried to deny my empathic nature. Warrior like, I would see and acknowledge the pain, yes work through it, but forge ahead and leave the experience behind. When ever anyone wronged me, I would swiftly close the door behind them, move on, and cut them off, so I didn’t have to feel the pain of rejection or to deeply feel the wounds that disappointments left in me. To the outside world I could have been perceived as cold, uncaring, how could I so swiftly cut off from those I was so close to. It’s because my heart, at every single chance it was given would open, surrender and trust, so any hint of pain it may feel was quickly cut off. Until now. Now I invite in love, and I hold it, I see the fears emerge, but I soothe it with the invocation of love. I am learning. 

In my late teens and early twenties, when I was a student of Fine Art, my relationship to myself was troubled. I found refuge and meaning by creating art….and drinking alcohol - a lot of it, it dulled my brilliance, and soothed my wounds. My art was always angsty, politically driven and should I make anything for the pure beauty of it I would swiftly be my own worst critic and discrediting the work as weak. Quickly denying the feminine beauty that i thought I was staunchly defending by making “feminist” art. But something within guided me to the palette of the heart, PINK was everywhere, but under the helm of fear driven artwork. I made work that spoke of the objectification of women, statements on the mass marketing of the beauty industry to play on our insecurities, and keep us stuck in our own self rejection. I was in so much pain. Eventually I stopped making art, because my own inner critic won, and I lay down my tools, but still felt the pain of my inner feminine, who I had suppressed by telling her she was not valued. 

This week as I accompanied a close loved one as he await surgery, the empath in me felt the fear and terror within him. He is facing his own morality, and I am being shown a pathway for foreignness. I feel it all. Deeply. There has been a whispering from my body, a message that it’s time to surrender my old ways of being. To forgive, to make whole and truly follow the pathway to light and love. Just today, a part of me died, to allow me to heal, to become lighter. My heart is sending me signs, I am sitting here, having a cup of tea with my heart, and with my love. My empathic nature is nurturing me.