The illusion of identity

The thing about stepping up to your truest potential is this. It’s scary. Shit scary. It means shedding and releasing all the old stories about yourself that have stopped you from shining like a beacon.

All of the masks, the layers, the barriers, the stories, the labels, the names, the roles must be released in order to reveal your truest and most authentic shining self. THAT, is damn scary. If not through all of this, then how do we identify ourselves? How do we know who we are if we are not, the “sister”, the “lawyer” the “mother”, the “healer”. How do we know who we are if we were to stop repeating the same patterns in our life, in our relationships, in our careers, in our relationship to food, our relationship to our vocation, in the way we show up to life. If we are not the one creating THAT pattern, then who are we?  

In life, we identify with the illusion of our behaviours and stories, as if they were in fact our true self. They are not. We are not our behaviours, we are not our stories, we are not our self imposed labels or that are bestowed upon us. We are, what is left, once all of that is stripped back. Naked and yes vulnerable, just as the day we were born. 

Vulnerability is a scary place for many of us, so we form behaviours and habbits, which create identities to conceal our vulnerability. Through these finely crafted identities we create a layer between who we truly are. They allow us to stand behind them, to shield us from the seemingly starkness of our true essence. Our identities give us what we perceive as a safe space to project to the the world the statement that “THIS, is who I am” and equally it motions “please don't look too deeply so as to see the real me”. In reality, it is us who is most scared to look closely within to see the “real” us. To look squarely inward and see all of our light, our brilliance and oneness and connection to all. 

We can finely create our identities as an avatar for who we truly are through our choices.  The choice of the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, the products we buy, the movies we watch, the magazines we read, the selfies we take, the cars we drive and the holidays we instagram. Sometimes these choices come deep from the depths of our soul, but often not. Choices can keep us just that little bit "hidden" from ourselves and others, because we can safely hide behind the layers of them. And that's cool. But, it's not who we truly are. When we make choices from who we truly are, sometimes our life doesn't look the way it should from societies model, we get the backlash, then we can question our choices. Don't. Its ok to be you, to make the choices you make that are not in the same mould as everyone around you. Your soul is cryin' out for it, so live life the way YOU want to. The way your soul wants you to. 

In order to truly see the truest essence of our brilliance, and our true self, we must also consider releasing our attachment to our relationship to our physical body. That is not that we must disconnect from our body, but we must stop identifying with it as our true self, for it is merely the vessel that carries our light essence in order to truly see into our light in the ocean of existence. In the current cult of celebrity society we have collectively manifested in the West, we exist in a community that judges and validate others (and therefore ourselves) through the lens of the body. The “perfect body” is worshipped and celebrated, the shell the outer layer a hallmark of good or bad. Crazy! Like seriously. Can we please stop feeding this industry by buying "women's" magazines. (Rant over).

From a Medial Intuitive healing model, our body is but a blueprint and physical manifestation of the work of the soul, in a yogic model, our body can reveal to us the samskaras of our soul. It is so much more that it’s outward shape and form, yet we judge. We judge. Our bodies hold so much more for us that our identification with their outward appearance - yet so many of us are stuck in that torturous holding pattern of self judgment and self loathing. To truly see our brilliance and our light, we must learn to celebrate our bodies in whatever physical form they take - for they hold the key to our internal soul led wisdom, dharma, life’s work and purpose to THIS life. 

It is our whole essence, our virtues that speak of our true essence and the key to our higher self. Virtues such as honesty, kindness, generosity, compassion, wisdom, vulnerability, courage, grace give light to our higher self. When we demonstrate these virtues from the space of the heart, that is when we are at one with our true essence. It is not what we do, but how we do, and why we do, and how we make ourselves and others feel in the journey of what we do. 

If you’ve been reading my writing long enough you’ll know - that I speak from my own experiences in the healing journey. Through my personal experience - and a commitment to true growth, I do get myself into the tricky situations where I get more than a glimpse of this true self, and sometimes it can seemingly backfire. I can catapult right back into the depths of my stories, the monkey mind of fear and anxiety kicks in triple pace, I can quite literally feel as thought I am going crazy. But my soul knows on a deep level this work is not just for me, but it is my offering to back for the gift of my life. Through my journeys, and those I journey with we are together accessing a view to our true self, our true essence, the truth within all of us. So if you are called to do your own healing work, please follow that calling - it’s your soul, your higher self whispering to you, guiding you back home to you. 

I am now taking bookings for Skype sessions with clients from across the globe. So if you are called to work with me I would be honoured to be your guide. Please email to arrange a booking. 

The light in me see’s the light in you. 

Namaste,  Lauren xx