Soul Fragmentation

What is our soulcode? It’s our dharma, the seed of our lives intention planted and ready to grow. An encoded set of cellular and energetic vibrations held within our physical and pranic (life force) bodies that hold and unlock all the lessons of our past and future lives. 

It is the code that can be unlocked when we are in full presence of our own being, on all levels. When we are intimately connected to the smells, sensations, visual and physical sensations of our 3 dimensional reality we can access our Soulcode. When we live our life to a pace that allows us to both physically and metaphorically breath in all of life’s offerings we are inviting ourselves to the offering we have to give to life. Just as we breath in life (prana), so too do we breath out (apana), and transmute our exhalations into the collective energy field. With each inhale we recalibrate our vibrational bodies to the energetic balance we have invited into our being. 

Our Soulcode holds clues and sends us signs, people and opportunities for us to remember who we are on a soul level. Have you noticed that feeling of familiarity when you met someone new? Like you somehow recognise them, but can’t place where or how? You do. Your soul knows them. You have been sent into one another life for a reason, don’t question your sense of familiarity, you’ve probably known them for countless lifetimes. 

Perhaps you have discovered  a place that just resonates with you. There is a knowing within you that feels at peace in that place, that on an energetic level your energy vibrates in harmony with the landscape. For me (and countless others) Bali is such a place, from my very first visit there was a deep resonance that mainlined straight to my hearts core. Each subsequent return (of which there have been many) have called me in at the time when healing was required. Just being in the presence of the land, the smells, sounds, energetic patterns my healing and self actualisation is always amplified. That island is a gift to me, and a place to anchor back into the oneness of the earth vibrational core. It is familiar to my soul and part of me.

There are deeper parts of the whole of our soul that we play out in this current version of life. In this incarnation of life we can be drawn to geographic patterns of not only our ancestors, but those patterns of our past lives, our past selves. 

Often we hear language of past lives that create an illusion of separation between the version of self in past lives, and that in this current time space reality. As though somehow that figure in the past is not actually you. It is. Actually those past selves make the up the whole of who we are, they are in you now. They are you. All space time reality exists in this one moment, and in the centre of our hearts energy space. That is why when we operate from the space of our heart we access and unlock the code of our past lessons and lives, we bring them to light. We are whole and complete. 

Our past incarnations appear in this lifetime as gifts and talents, that magnetise to us effortlessly. When we are involved in the pursuits there is like a coming home that takes place. As children we are naturally drawn to our gifts and don't question them, as we are so closely and intimately connected with the experiences of our past selves, it feels natural, unquestionable. But we can so easily loose that flow and connection to that space, when we start listening to the advice and guidance of others. We disconnect from our gifts, deny them and our soul can become fragmented.

Soul fragmentation can also take place when we separate ourselves out from the truth of who we truly are, and we begin to deny parts of ourself. Often it happens early in life, and we barely notice that part of us is gone. If we give up on the search to connect back to our whole self (with al the lives we’ve lived) imbalances can start to occur. Physical and mental illness can result. Addiction and substance abuse can take the place of our search for our whole self. Depression and anxiety can set in. Eating disorders. Heart conditions. Cancer. All of that. Illness takes over when we stop listening to the voice of our soul, and deny all the parts of who we are. Who is are, is love. When we focus on the vibration of love in everything that we do, we can start to invite back in a sense of ease, joy and purpose. Love heals all. Find a practice to connect you to love. For me it's yoga, mediation, making art, dance, writing, singing. For your soul it may take some other form. Find your practice and honour it with the reverence it deserves, it's your gateway to self love. 

I have unlocked the path of my Soulcode through this work that I do, my teaching and my mentoring. On my path to this space and time I have been guided to fully realise the deeply held knowledge within in. I am truly grateful for this awakening, and it is my deepest desire to share it. I work with the the craft of soul retrieval in my Medical Intuitive healing sessions, both in person and via skype, and I would be honoured to work with you in this form. I use a range of practices, including toning, sound healing and mudra surgery, energy channelling, and it is all beautiful and sacred. Please contact me for a booking if you would like to work with me on this level.  

Thank you for reading. I am truly honoured. If you enjoyed reading this and it resonated for you, I would love to hear your comments and experiences in the comments below. Through the sharing of each others stories we grow and heal. This space is an offering to you. 

With light and with love,

Lauren xx