The Princess Warrior

Is brave.
Speaks her truth.
Knows when to rest.
Moderates her energy.
Has patience.
Respects her body.
Respects the earth.
Empowers other women.
Has inner resolve and strength.
Is connected to her power.
Speaks with compassion and love.
Is flexible.
Is nimble and responsive.
Has a rich inner life.
Is beautiful in her imperfections.
Is powerful.
Has courage.
Has vision.
Trusts the timing of the universe.
Knows when to soften.
Can open her heart to the true masculine.
Knows when to retreat and restore her energy.
Is connected to her feminine spirit.
Is rising up.
Makes brave choices.
Has integrity.
Takes only what she needs.
Lives life simply and slowly.
Is connected to nature.
Is in control of her financial world.
Recognises her beauty and strength. 
Is in tune with her true nature.
Spends time in nature.
Protects and honours her children.
Honours her souls path.
Is knowing.
Is creative.
Is steady.
Is of clear mind.
Competes with no one. 
Battles for her honour. 
Is a goddess.
Does not dull her senses with stimulants.
Has gratitude
Has humility.
Is in balance.
Says no, often.

Are you a princess warrior. Do you recognise your strength and beauty?