The synchronicity of the heart

Are you living connected into the deep and potent messages of your heart? How would your life be committed to making decisions by checked in at a heart level? What opportunities would present If you checked in consciously and lived from that truth?


Asking the questions such as, am I in alignment with the desires of my heart? Does this job/relationship/city /self talk resonate with the hum of my heart? Is it in my highest good? Asking yourself deeply, how is my heart? 

We can so easily and unconsciously get out of touch with our own heart or intuition because it’s crowded out by the voice of others in our lives and orbits. We listen to the fear based advice, guidance and judgments of others. These seeds of fear and doubt are planted within us through the words from the mouths of those who are the closest to us, well meaning parents, family and friends often speaking out of protection but coming from the seed of fear. Paradoxically, the spell of these words actually does the opposite of protection, they harm us and take us out of the centre of our own hearts wisdom and truth. These thoughts can lift from the consciousness of others and we can easily adopt them as our own, without question, if we sway from our centre. 

We seek advice because we have been conditioned to dare not trust ourselves, or perhaps it is that we know the answers but we doubt. Trust yourself. You always know the answers, always. Do not doubt your heart. We can also overthink our experiences and choices with the curse of over thinking, remember always, that is the voice of the ego and fear, not of love, and not of your deepest truth. You may have noticed when we listen to others guidance misaligned to our own, the universe rarely provides us with the right tools and conditions for where we feel we want to go in life. It will instead show you signs to tell you, you are on the wrong path, stop and tune in. Life seems a struggle and a spiral events, and negative circumstances can appear and often at quite a pace. This struggle is the hearts whisper, "can you hear me?"  And if you ignore the whisper, it will yell at you and the universe will often throw you a wake up call, this is the heart shouting, "I asked you to listen to me". 

I invite you start to dwell in the space of wonder and openness that journeying through life with a deep connection to your hearts calling, and see what shows up for you in life. If you living in that space already, can you could go deeper into the whispers, the song-lines, the vibration, the subtle messages your heart emanates? When you commit to a practice such as this (and it is a practice) there is world of wonder and gifts to be discovered. These gifts will appear to you in both your inner world, but also your outer world will start to show rewards, gifts, events, signs and the flow of your life will feel effortless and joyful. But first (and continuously) you must connect with your heart, and act on it’s guidance and offerings of wisdom. When you honour the heart, love will start to be the centre of your life, I’m not talking about romantic love (although that is likely too). Unconditional pure love will appear in the smallest of actions and experiences of life, your interactions with others, those you know and those you don’t. Synchronisity in your highest good and that of others will start to unfold and deepen. When you are awake to your heart you will start to feel that love is in everything and everyone, and we can access it at, any, given, moment.   

On a practical level, to connect in with the heart there are so many methods to become more deeply in tune with the heart. I like to close my eyes, connect within and physically place my right hand over the space of my energetic heart centre - the Anahata Chakra. I then listen into the messages that come to me, either through thoughts, or sometimes visualisations, sometimes it’s not even that clear the gesture of acknowledgment of the heart is enough to activate it’s guidance. I also work with crystals such as rose quartz, wearing it, keeping it close by and tapping into it’s energy on a visual and energetic level. The practice of yoga asana (particularly backbends), dance, and singing will activate the heart centre. Conscious tantric love making, and breath have the capacity to take you straight into the treasures and love within the heart. Feeling and experiencing tastes, textures and taking in beauty i all its forms will awaken your heart. Deep gaze, connection to others, who are ultimately part of our own wholeness, will both connect us to self, god, and love.  

So now as I heal my heart and self though continuous shifts and moments of healing, the universe is offering me up amazing opportunities for deep conscious love, fulfilling opportunities and connections and helping me to see life through through the lens of love. The courage I found to complete the natural cycle of my previous relationship is being rewarded, I feel lighter more buoyant and joyful. The ending was done with love and awareness and a need to release the pain of being out of alignment, we have both walked away with respect and a deep knowing of one another, and a genuine desire to see one another happy. For me, I have a deep gratitude that I was able to learn what I needed by this synchronistic coming together of wounded hearts, I was guided into and out of that relationship to heal and I did on many levels.   

Allow your heart to be open to the gifts and the opportunities for healing, the moments both big and small, the synchronistic signs from the universe that show up for you when you are in alignment with your heart, and as a result in alignment with the hum of the universe. Likewise if you are in a painful circumstance, trust that the lesson within your experience will ultimately serve to wash your heart clean. Watch the show as it unfolds and presents the right people, opportunities and experiences into your life. 

Yours in truth, light and love - Lauren xx