Everything is waiting for you

What is it that your heart desires? 
What do you long for? 
What does the life you seek look like? 
Can you believe it is possible? 


This life. It goes quickly. The hours, the months, the years, they pass quickly, the time flows, and we are swept in the current of this experience anchored into the reality of our own making by the powerful spell of our thoughts. Our thoughts that manifest our reality. These thoughts that form patterns, form habits, form our personality and our life’s journey. Our thoughts send a powerful and strong message and pull towards us the reality we believe we deserve. What we are destined for is tied up in our own experience of self worth. When we truly see ourselves as worthy, deserving and perfect, we can become the powerful manifestos of our desires. 

Don’t wait
What is it that your heart desires? The precious moments of our lives can become wasted in the voice of our ego and fear. Be more powerful than your excuses, see them as that, and remember. You get this one and most precious life - it’s yours to do whatever you choose with, how will you spend it, what legacy and energy will you leave in the world? 

What do you long for? 
Take the time to realise, to articulate with the written or spoken word, with images, through song. Do what ever it takes to realise your inner desires and start making actions to bring them into the outer world. Announce either personally or even publicly, what it is you want for your life. Watch for the voice of the ego, trying to pull you back and tell you it’s just a dream. Choose your dreams, live your dreams and speak about them - they are messages from your spirit, guidance from within. 

Everything is waiting for you. 
The simple and illuminating truth is, that anything you can conceive as a reality can be a possibly. Really. Think about that for a moment. Everything you desire, you dream of, you have vision for is possible. There is simplicity and freedom in this truth. Often it ourselves that stands in the way of this reality, because on some level we don’t actually believe it’s possible. My beautiful teacher and fellow yogi Mark Pheely provided me with this gentle and loving reminder of this truth today - “everything is waiting for you”. Everything you desire exists, you need to choose to receive it. 

Step by step
Because our ego has convinced us that it takes time for the reality to manifest that’s when we get a lag in our desires and thoughts, that’s when it can get dangerous. We want things to happen instantly, we loose faith if our desires don’t show up straight away. So that’s often when we give up on the dreams, and create a dialogue of disbelief. What would happen if you kept the eyes on the prize, and made small steps towards your desires each day? Simple, it would come closer to you, because of your powerful intention and belief in the reality. As the saying goes, energy flows where intention goes. Equally, sometimes when we in the exact energetic alignment of our desires we can very quickly manifest our desires, they can just turn up - we need to watch the ego in this space also, as it can quickly try to convince you it’s not real, or “too good to be true”. Trust the universe when it delivers what you ask for, it’s listening closely. 

To you, an invitation. Intend your life, create your life, and live true to your dreams and your light. I’m working on it right alongside you. 

With love & light,
Lauren xx

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