Define to me success.


So. We’re ten days into 2016 eh? How’s it going for you? How are all those new years resolutions holding out? Didn’t make any? Made a bucket load? If you did, what was the motivation behind them for you? Did you feel like if you achieved them you would reach some degree of success greater than you already have, or somehow be the version of yourself you wish yourself to be? 

What if you never made a goal, vow, or aimed to achieve nothing more in this lifetime? Do you think that would make you a failure? Of course not. 

What if instead of aspiring, climbing, striving, reaching towards outward goals of “success”, you became totally, completely, and perfectly happy and content with yourself. Just. As. You. Are. In this very moment, you are perfect. You are successful, you have life and your are connected to oneness. You have everything you need for this moment. Can you reshape your definition of success? 

So here’s an example…In the west, and particularly in Australia such weight is given to “owning your own home”, once you own your own home (or for majority of the population owe a shitload to the bank so you can call your home your own) then you have essentially “made it” to the norm, met the standard for success. What does that mean for the masses of people renting? Are they defined as failures? In some peoples eyes yes. We've become slaves to the notion. 

Or what if you made your way through your education, gained an honours degree in law, made partner in the law firm, own the Audi, the 4 bedroom architectural designed home in the right suburb, holidayed in the right locations, and wore all the right labels, and in the right size. Is that success?

What about if you chose the gypsy life, opted to travel the world, live frugally, tour the South East Asia path, study, play and dance, but have no money, no mortgage, but a fullness in your heart and a richness in your experiences? A freedom of spirit and attitude of gratitude. Is that success?

Ok, so you didn’t do any of that, you dropped out of school early, got a job at the local supermarket, married, had children young, and gave everything you had to them when you realised you wanted a life that was more full of hope than your own? Is that success?

What I am getting at here, and what I have come to learn. Is that success and it’s definition is 100% completely unique to each of us. The life path we each choose to take should never be compared against that of another. Your journey is yours alone. You are alive, you are a success. You have choices, you are perfect in this moment.

What if success was giving love where you have it to give, of giving and be able to receive it. What if success was the ability to stay fully, wholly and completely present for another human being? What is success was the ability to listen and tune into your inner guidance system? What if success was defined as the ability to speak your truth and honour that of another? Maybe it's the ability to see and observe ways in which we may have wronged others, through our impatience and our habits. What if success was defined as our ability to forgive others, or more importantly ourselves. Or maybe success is our ability to maintain our integrity when it's tempting to soften our stance. The ability to hold our own power. The abilty to self soothe and love ourselves. We don't hear a lot about those definitions of success. 

The moment we allow ourselves to be fully who we are, not looking to a future model of ourselves to finally accept the us in this very moment, then we are a success. For it is when we fully embrace the uniqueness of our path, our souls journey then we begin to effortlessly move towards our Dharma, the goals, the visions, the resolutions just happen. Not with the force of willpower, but with the force of cosmic and universal energy. We get into the slip stream of our own version of success.

So if you are not where you would like to be right now. Remember this. You have everything you need. Everything. Because you are alive. Accept the beauty and brilliance that is you, and dive into the unfolding gift of your life.