Freedom from anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? That underlying steady feeling on un-ease. What exactly is anxiety? Do you have it?

That constant loop of repetitive thoughts that circulate in your mind that you can’t seem to find a resolution for. A feeling, or uprising of a physical energetic sensation in your body that starts at the pit of your belly, rises up to your heart and causes it to flutter. An underlying feeling that there is something to fear, that somehow it's not safe. You may even find it hard to full trust anything, anyone, or any situation, because you are so used to being “on guard”. You’re body has been “on alert” for so long that it can’t find rest even when it’s time for it. 

Our modern lifestyles, not surprisingly, fuel this fire of anxiety that has steadily formed into a “normal" state for the body. If you suffer from anxiety, it’s likely you’ve come to realise the effects of caffine in the body, so the daily coffee hit can totally add to the symptoms of unrest. Over time when our body and energetic state sits in this pattern of anxiety, our life force can seriously deplete. Our cortisone (the stress hormone) levels spike, and deep fatigue can transpire. The body is exhausted. Chances are though like many of us, you are not listening to it’s lethargy, because you’ve become programmed to “keep on keeping on”. So anxiety rises up, it manifests as a checking of our smart phone every other minute, detaching from the real emotions present, by distracting ourselves in the lives of others, or obsessing about how others perceive ours. 

Anxiety and the cumulative stress it causes in the body can lead to many kinds of imbalances, and if not acknowledged into dis-ease. You must slow down. You must feel. You must rest. But how?

Now more than ever, ancient methods of coming back into balance are widely taught and practiced. It’s no coincidence that the popularity yoga has exploded in our cities, as the uprise of technology and the demands on our time are higher than ever. We are being called back to our bodies.  Everything seems to have sped up, we want it all and we want it now. We’ve forgotten and disconnected from the natural order and pace of life, and therefore ourselves. 

Yoga reminds us to breath, to leave the smart phone, to leave the daily demands and connect back to our body. But it’s not everyone’s thing. Simple conscious breathing and mindfulness have the same effects to ease the nervous system of the body, and remind it that ultimately it IS safe. You are safe, whole and complete. 

I teach mindfulness, and anxiety management techniques in my 1:1 kinesiology sessions, but also “talk” to the body using muscle testing to help remind it how to rest and to come back into a state of balance and peace, and allow it to take the deep rest it is seeking. 

If you are experiencing ongoing effects of anxiety, you don’t have to suffer. I’ve been there myself, learned how to manage it, and reminded my body how to rest. I’d love to guide you. 

Top Tips for anxiety:
- Cut out the coffee (or at least cut back)
- Drink more water (we all need this) 
- When you feel it coming on, connect to your breath and take 3 deeps ones
- Take up (or go back) to yoga
- Dance (crank the music and home  - get out of your HEAD)
- Connect to nature, walk on the earth, dip in the ocean, look at the passing clouds
- Avoid checking your smart phone constantly
- Avoid people and situations that are anxiety inducing to you if you can
- Use healing modalities such as Kinesiology and Reiki to ground your energy and get to the root cause. 

Chances are you if you suffer anxiety you are also an can read more about that on my blog too

Head over to my bookings page to schedule some time for the resolution of old habits that can be released. 

If you've found respite from anxiety, I'd love you to share your journey of recovery with others in the comments below, so we can help each other in our journey. 

Much love.