Embody YOUR truth


One of the BIGGEST barriers to being your true authentic and soul embodied self is our fear of what others will think of us. What is people don’t like who I really am, what if people judge me, what will they think of what I’m doing? Then there is the biggest one for all the people pleasers reading, what if they don’t like me? 

We all have an innate desire to be accepted, to be acknowledged and to be recognised for all that we put out into the world. ESPECIALLY empaths. We feel all the judgments the reflected right back to us like they came from within us. Well actually truth be known, they did come from within us. All feedback either spoken or energetic that manifests in our life is simply an outward projection of the inner beliefs we hold about ourselves. Yep, our reality is fed to us by our inner beliefs, and stories we hold true about ourselves. Further to this whole idea is this, whenever anyone pays your a compliment, it’s actually about them, not you. Likewise, a negative dose of feedback is actually about them and not you too. That’s why we can’t be concerned with what others make of us. Because it is simply an external projection of what they think of themselves. It’s not even about you. 

So when you see the shining light in someone, and you are in awe of all that they are, it’s because thats what you have within you. Likewise, when someone triggers you and gets under your skin, then there is a part of you that is also like that person. Like a giant house of mirrors, we see what we have within. 

Negative feedback can be a massive smackdown dose of medicine, to ignite and recharge your inner beliefs. But oh it can be a bitter pill to swallow, when every part of your heart and soul is doing it’s best to shine bright. But all negative feedback is a chance for you to then look within, and ask of yourself, where are you not believing in yourself? It’s like a barometer of your own truth. It shouldn’t really matter what anyone says about you, good or bad, because…ego. Ego is the one interpreting categorising, labelling, judging. Good, bad, and all in between. Ego is the one that judges, holds us back and keeps us stuck in fear. The ego loves praise, and hates criticism. You have to rise above both paradigms, and come back to your centre. In your centre you are strong, unwavering and outside of any judgment. In your centre you are in your heartsease, where the transmutation of anything is possible. All healing can unfold. 

I’m not saying don’t take on feedback, actually I encourage it, I ask for it - but when you ask for it you have to be prepared not to take on what is said on a personal level. Stay true to your path, to what your believe in, and to the vision for your own journey. There can be no more intimate and deep place to reside. 

So, take the good with the bad, and don’t attach to any of it. It’s all an illusion of reality for you to see your own truth and claim the light of your soul. An epically powerful and transformative concept, that can truly help you to realise what really matters. What truly matters is what you feel for yourself, and the love you can show yourself. The rest is noise.