Subtle waves of spirit

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Are you in a healing "plateau"? Have you done the courses, read the books, and just not "feelin' it" anymore? Or maybe it's become a bit boring...all this stable steadiness of life. Imagine that, not having to actually work on your shit actually fully enjoying and trusting the process of life. Crazy right? But a very real possibility! Or, maybe you are on the other side of the coin, the whole idea of spirituality and healing, makes you want to slap the next hippie that talks about full moons and crystals. That's ok, they might want to slap you too...wake up!! Just kidding (kind of).

The longer you remain are asleep to the cosmic consciousness and your own divinity, the louder and more abrupt the awakening. The wake up call It can come crashing into your life like a crashing thundering wave, causing you to question everything. Spirit speaks softly and gently, and is ever present, but when you ignore her whisperings she roars, loud like the raging ocean. 

Death, illnesses, cancer, losses, divorce, adultery, job loss, failed business, crippling debt, addictions, all causes to stand up and pay attention - to spirit. Like really, pay attention. To question, what is the purpose of all of this? What is spirit telling me, and why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong? What do I do next? How can I live more authentically. Spirit brings us to our knees, strips us bare in an instant of all of our finely crafted defences and identities. Spirit see's through it all, and know's us like no one else ever will, she send forth the human experience in all of it's colour for us to expand and awake our consciousness. That is why we have come here on this earthly plain. To expand, and to awaken. 

When we enter the world of healing and expansion from an unawakened state, the shifts and insights that transpire can feel seismic. I have witnessed this constantly in my years teaching yoga, through the body connection and conscious awakening into it, there is a delicious dance of unfolding and discovery. I went through this myself in my first class, close to 15 years ago. The first few years of my practice, the awakening was profound and palpable. My former dark self became unrecognisable to me. I see it often in students who literally look energetically like different people about 3 months into a committed practice. 

A very similar thing happens in the healing space, for those new to the inner work of healing, when those who are ready or have been forced to "awaken" are called to healing modalities to guide them deep within and to spirit. A part of my work I have come to accept, is that not everyone wishes to become fully awake on a conscious level, they resist it or deny it, and that is also perfect for their souls journey, and not for me or anyone to change and certainly not for me or anyone else to judge. But those willing to go deep into the truths of the stories they tell themselves as to why life, or their body is the way it is, are so brave, and I am humbled by their commitment to self knowledge and empowerment. 

What I have experienced for those who have been doing this work (yoga, healing, self inquiry) for a certain period, and of whom the wisdom is vast within already, that the shifts are much much more subtle. The self inquiry is a much more sensitive and gentle unfolding of insights and subtle shifts in awareness. The lessons are served in the everyday, all day as a means to tune into the ever present grace of spirit. We learn to trust and observe ourselves in a less attached and more awake level of response, and when the big waves of life are heading our way, our inner knowing is attuned to what is to come. When we stay committed to the inner path and the connection to spirit, the loudest crack of thunder cannot shake our firm foundations. Because we can feel and embrace the divinity of it all. 

So sometimes, you may feel as though you've reached a "healing plateau"...and actually that's kind of what it is, you have evened out and are back into the heart space or zero point. Because we can finally realise, there is nothing more to heal. All we need do is accept, and trust the flow of life, things become stable and steady, and beautiful in all of it's sacred simplicity. The inner work can actually becomes joyus and playful, we can turn to a space of co creation and manifestation with a true connection to spirit and self. But we must brave the waves to reach the calm of the ocean. You may feel the pull of the old stories, but you can see them for what they are, and you are awake to their lure, you can simply chose to lovingly disengage. 

May your healing be gentle, subtle, transformative and empowering. If you would like me to hold space for you to reach into the joy of what life has to bring, let's connect! 

Much Love,
Lauren xx