To alchemise low self worth

Let’s start a rebellion. The greatest rebellion there is. To alchemise the damage of low self worth, in a culture and economy that preys on our deepest and most shameful beliefs about ourselves. The belief that we are not enough. 

Let’s rebel against the conditioned programming of a society that tells us that we are not enough. That our bodies are not enough, our bank balance is not enough, our holidays are not enough, our wardrobe, our parenting, our houses, our spirituality, or our education is not enough. 

What damage a low self worth can create. A shit-storm of frenetic energy, that keeps us bound in our ego’s own inflated self importance, and that totally shuts down the wise and gracious presence of our souls yearnings for being and growth.  

A low self worth makes you stay in relationships that don’t serve you, and are more often than not they are emotionally abusive and corrode the semblance of self worth you have remaining. The conditioning of low self worth can make you feel you are responsible for the other person’s emotions, to caretake and to hold onto everyone else’s issues and put your own last.

You will settle for less in relationships because you at your heart believe you are not worth any better. You will make excuses for the other person, and think it’s something you have done, not them. 

Low self worth will make us constant people pleasers. Not wanting to offend, wanting and desiring to be liked, to be understood and to be validated. You care deeply what others think of you and you will crave constant external validation. The need to be seen, understood and acknowledged by others, and go to all lengths to receive this validation. Often the most successful people in the world have come from a deep seeded sense of low self worth, abused or neglected as children, but have learned how to channel and alchemise this force of darkness as rocket fuel into the direction of their soul’s desires and faith. They have learned through years of suffering and self flagellation that the one person they are seeking validation and acknowledgment from is themselves. I know because I speak from the experience and the pain of my constant striving for perfectionism and validation. Relived to say, I have frankly stopped seeking it. The greatest rebellion is one of recognising and claiming your self worth, and it is my personal passion to help others to also reclaim their power and strength. 

Substance abuse, alcoholism, addiction, can all be results of suppressing the light you clearly have because you’ve spent years convincing yourself your light and your power is something to fear and perhaps even shame. So instead of claiming the light as yours, you perpetuate the cycle of darkness that you have become to identified with. You learned to switch it off your light early, when your truth would or could not be heard. So you suppress it’s creative and original flow of being, shape into a version of you that won’t attract criticism or worse, won’t be painfully shut out. You will do anything possible to conform so you won’t stand out from the crowd, be fully seen. 

A low self worth can be a seismic weight of force that suppressing your experiences and emotions deep into the depth of your body. Shame, guilt and grief will sit in your body for all that you have exposed it to, all that you have had it endure. It will sit in your hips, your dark heart, your lower back until you develop the bravery and the fortitude to release it and transmute it. Low self worth at it’s worth can manifest as disease, or a slow and subtle decline in life force, as the toll is taken over years of low vibration thoughts. Low self worth can literally kill you, and tragically for many they believe their own thoughts to a point of desperation, they take their own lives. 

And non of us are born with low self worth. Sadly it’s something learned, through conditioning, through unmet needs, and through countless instances of our perceived evidence in the situations and relationships we find ourselves in our lives. 

But in this learned low self worth, exists a opportunity. For the greatest and most powerful alchemy and expression of your true light. To remember we are not the thoughts we have about ourselves. To enter consciously into relationships, or to stand our ground and transform those we are already in, or to find the courage to leave those that keep us bound. To choose who we spend our time with, and to who’s opinion we have given our power over to. This unlearning is a process, and one that takes time, compassion but above all awareness. With the awareness that we are more than enough, we can gently trust that concept, cradle it as if an infant, and notice when protests from the ego’s grip attempt to keep us bound to mistruths.  

With awareness, we can literally transmute and alchemise as life presents us with people, situations, conversations that mirror the countless instances in our past that show up, time and time again, so we can choose differently and reframe past choices. This is the alchemy of quantum healing and transformation. And each of us, has the ability and the right to reclaim our sovereignty, and birth right as a precious miracle of life. Pay very close attention to when a familiar out picturing presents in your life, and how you respond to all it is trying to show you. If you chose wrongly once before, take this as a chance to chose again, to honour all that you are, your true value. 

If any of this resonates for you. I invite you to join this quiet but fierce rebellion of total self acceptance. Don’t buy into the illusion of external validation, don’t buy into the illusion made in the space of ego, and perpetuated by a collective voice preying on the fear you are not enough. You are enough, you always have been. You are perfect. Right here right now. The collateral damage can stop, and you have the power to alchemise and transform. 

With Love & Light,