Remember why you came here.

There are sacred moments in life that put everything into perspective, we remember what and who really matters in the context of our lives. In just one breath, one shift in our awareness we can recalibrate our whole experience back into absolute, truth, love, alignment and integrity. These moments are like a “remembering, a remembering of what our purpose is, and exactly where need to be directing our precious life force. This life force we given as we are birthed into this existence with is a finite resources in our human incarnation. This lifetime is the here and now, this lifetime is what matters. Just as this moment is what matters, not all that which has transpired in the past, not all that is to come. The complexity and absolute beauty of what is happening right now. This very breath is a gift we too often overlook, caught in the illusion of major and minor plotlines of our own tightly woven personal stories. We get bogged down in the detail, the judgement, the analysis and the splitting off of our torrent of inspired direction giving our power away to people, circumstances and societal expectations that have us duty bound, often to contracts we don’t remember writing or consenting to. 

You can re write the contract, you can renounce the vows of doubt, you can claim your sovereignty and free will, by having the courage to life a simple yet powerfully energetic and aligned life. With the passing of my dear friend, colleague and absolute example of living love and light this week, I was reminded in an instant, a sacred moment that life is short, life is precious, and life is a privilege.

The most sacred moments are possibly that of birth, and that of death. The passing of all life forms matters, and when we are confronted by the passing of a loved one, perhaps this is the most sacred of our own awakenings. We remember our mortal state, and we a confronted by our own energetic contribution to this earth. 

Sadly life is a privilege far too many of us squander on the trap of keeping up appearances, scarcity mindset, and self motivated acts. To create a new reality, and awakened collective, a legacy for the human family by living a life of purpose, bravery and in living a life embracing your uniqueness, your innate gifts, by contributing to the world that which moves through you. 

In the coming weeks I will be launching my new package and group program that I hope directly inspire you to live a brave life. A life that honours you and your offerings to the world. To help you remember, and to guide in a courageous path of heart felt living. Let's journey back to your knowing, your truth, and back to what truly matters. Remember why you came here.