Fear brings the death of dreams

Show me the way she asked. 

I am the keeper of the light she replied. I am the keeper of the light codes. I stand at the threshold, I am the keeper to the path of love. I am the light, I am flow, I am you. There is no right way. There is only your way. Your way is divine, your way is pure love and light. You have nothing to be afraid of. Let go of the the fears in your heart. Let go of the drama of your past. Be you and only you, watch them follow, watch them come to a state of love, trust and surrender. You are love, you are brave and you are without fear. The is only love which you must shine forth. Release the fear of judgements. Not everyone will understand what you do. You must follow  your souls direction. Life force flows through you. Use it.  Don’t be afraid of your strength, your power. Don’t play small to please others, you are a divine being of light, a beacon of healing. You are not your family, you are not your ego. You are not what others have told you to be. You are awake you are awake to the light of your own true nature. There is nothing to fear, only fear itself. For fear is what brings the death of dreams. You are a depth of wisdom. You are the gate keeper of love and kindness. Be who you are and never don’t question the path of your soul. You will be supported in love right and wealth. You are needed. Your message is needed. Never stop believing in all that you are. You are born perfect. You come with all the codes, the DNA of a countless lifetimes layers tuned in the cells of your being. The journey is here, the journey is now and everything is perfect. This very moment. 

I believe in you. 

Thank you. 

I love you.