9 Easy steps to give away your power

Photo credit: atributetolife.tumblr.com

Photo credit: atributetolife.tumblr.com


1. Worry about what other people think of you
This the number one way to give away your power is to before you do anything, or utter a word out of your mouth, make sure you run it past the filter of the 100’s of people who’s opinion should mean nothing to you, but it somehow does. Don’t leave out your close family and friends, you have to constantly worry about what they will think to, lest you make any choices that don’t sit within their current reality paradigm. Don’t rock the boat. 

2. Saying yes to shit you don’t want to do
Always say agree to things you really don’t want to do, it’s a demonstration of how good you are at the above point - the most important way to give away your power. The more of your precious time you spend doing shit other people want you to do, the more power you can syphon off. 

3. Compare yourself to others 
Make sure you constantly check your social media newsfeed and compare your life to the hundreds of others daily highlights appear in the palm of that energetic hand of yours. Especially compare your life against others who’s life circumstances are nothing like yours, do an audit of all the ways in which you could be doing as well as them, and set yourself some unrealistically high expectations to match them. 

4. Keep your thoughts in the past
Spend as much time as you can ruminating on all the ways in which you’ve been hard down by in life, by people, circumstances or workplaces. Really think long and hard (and daily) about all those who have done you wrong. By following this one piece of advice you are sure to keep sending a ton of energy and power out of your body you’ll also give those suckers a mainline to your power centre, so they can take as much of it as they want. 

5. Hold onto grudges
This is an important one, in no circumstances should you ever forgive and move on with your life. Make sure you keep all those negative energetic lines of communication open so those people can remain like ghosts in your life forever haunting you and taking all that vital life force.

6. Make sure you don’t stand out
Do anything to fit in, at all costs. Whatever you do, don’t display any signs of being different, or happy in your own skin. Make sure you follow the “rules” and show up in the world that way you’ve been programmed to. Follow fashion slavishly, diet trends, eating establishments, make sure you do exactly what others in your circles are doing. Don’t think for yourself, or life according to your own rules, hell what even are they? 

7. Ignore your intuition 
There is no way you will give away your power if you keep following those gut feelings, or inner truths. Always do your best to ignore the voice of your intuition, and do the exact opposite. You weren’t born with an innate knowing to squander it on following your own guidance, keep giving away your power by doing the next top tip.

8. Constantly seek the advice of others
By no means whatsoever should you make a choice about your life all on your own, bounce your life around to other people who don’t have to actually live your life, and get them to answer your biggest life dilemmas. Surely they must know better than you! I mean they are on the outside trying to look in, you’re the one actually living your life, what would you know! 

9. Hunt down validation like it’s 1st prize
And last but not least, make sure everything you do in your day to day is to seek validation and approval from people who’s opinions mean nothing to you. The more times you can instantly react to notifications in your social media, the better you are doing at becoming addicted to the validation of others, ultimately giving away a huge percentage of your power. 

Follow this guide, and by the end of each day you should be totally and utterly drained of your power, and have very little energy left to do what you truly wish to be doing in life. 


Post script: Flip it, shift it, rewrite it, claim it all back.