The VIP Yoga revolution

Poses like this, look hard....but with guidance easily mastered. 

Poses like this, look hard....but with guidance easily mastered. 

A very amazing thing has happened with yoga in the past 3 or 4 years. Its almost now on every street corner (in Melbourne at least!). It’s surely in every gym, multi modality fitness centres, slick new studios are popping up everywhere, EVERYONE seems to be doing yoga! It’s great, it’s what we need and it’s just fabulous that it’s the mainstream, just amazing! 

When I discovered yoga about 15 years ago, it was a lot less common, the time I had with my teachers was immersive and truly transformational. When I was training to become a teacher, I was lucky enough to  go through the traditional sense guru teacher apprentice model, and to also journey to India to the personal home of the Guru of Ashtanga Yoga.  My journey was intensive and transformational, working 1:1 with a teacher who truly shaped who I am today. I attribute much of my strong pyshcial practice to the one and one time I had under my teachers guidance, who was committed to excellence, and to the true path of yoga. It was a rare experience, and one I consider one of the most special times in my life. 

Because of the nature of the teacher student relationship I was in, I was pushed into spaces to help me really see myself, evolve my physical practice, and also recognise a strength in me that had been suppressed by my own self doubts. That is to me, what a teacher student relationship can be, and in todays yoga culture it’s a rare commodity and opportunity to work with a teacher on a much deeper level. In many studios (not all), but many what has happened is this dynamic and powerful relationship has diminished. It was not always a smooth path, but I knew that the yoga was transforming me, and to have someone to consistently witness my evolution, support me, and recognise my strengths and weaknesses, I became much more accountable to the personal growth I  had put my hand up for. 


In short, it was my awakening. I couldn’t go back to self doubt, low self worth, or limiting beliefs. There was no way. 

And there is a new awakening, and shift back to the traditional form of how yoga was intended to be shared. Teacher to student in a caring, intimate, held space. It is said that the teacher must be able to see the absolute potential in a student, and bring that out in them. Amidst the volume of massive class sizes, this is an experience that many now are realising is elusive. This has prompted the new wave back to the roots of learning yoga, 1:1 teachings, in the form of private yoga, and my clients are reporting palpable shifts, both emotionally and psychically. 

At Sri K Pattabhi Jois's (Guruji's) birthday celebrations in Mysore India 2008. 

At Sri K Pattabhi Jois's (Guruji's) birthday celebrations in Mysore India 2008. 

Private yoga sessions are the closest way I've found to replicate that magical experience I had as an apprentice, and really is the best way to deepen the practice, or to start one. I have witnessed students who have been practising yoga is studio settings for years, who at no fault to their own are still getting the basics wrong, with just a few tweaks their practice could sky rocket. But no one is truly looking at it, or putting full light on it. Not through lack of care, but more through lack of energy and time amidst the volumes of students in the massive classes. 

Private sessions with an experienced teacher, who truly cares about your growth are the next revolution in Yoga, and I love that this is happening! What I love about taking these sessions, is that I can weave in all the body conciseness teachings, and energy healing work to truly unlock and create lasting shift with my clients. As a teacher, this is the most amazing and satisfying journey, to see my student truly transform, body mind and heart. 

Who am I seeing in my integrated private yoga sessions? Executives, new mothers who have formed a small groups to work  around babies schedules, and clients who feel more comfortable and luxurious having the yoga come to them. I also have a handful of emerging yoga teachers who’s psychical practice is still emerging as is their voice as a teacher, I mentor them through this,  I love witnessing it all, with the strong foundation of a strong lineage of yoga to draw upon. 

Are you ready to join the new Private Yoga revolution? Join me today, and treat yourself to an experience to truly transform? Jump over to the info page here to find out more.