Loving Human Touch - Healing the wounded & weary couple

Human loving touch. Hands on skin, touch to the energy centres of out bodies ripe for the connection and charge that comes with loving heart based intimate touch. We need it, our bodies get an actual charge of energy when connected with that of another human. This is why were are gifted with these incredible human bodies, on this earthly plane. To experience the pleasure of the senses, through touch, taste, sight, the many varied sensations available to us.  

Sadly one that far too many of us are starving from this fundamental birthright. A famine of connected human touch. We are swarmed by virtual contact, a steady stream of information based contact via the internet, the media, by “nice” surface level conversation. Yet within our own homes, the place of what could be a refuge, the craving for physical touch between many couples is rarely satiated. Recent research I have personally undertaken of married couples with young children, along with anecdotal evidence suggests that lack of both sexual and non sexual touch is slowly creating more and more distance, resentment and creating far too many irreconcilable wars between partners. Couples have grown weary, and retracted from the very energy that drew them together in the first place. 

Touch and connection are the ways we come home to ourselves and to our partners. The landing place to reform that biologically charged spark that so powerfully unites us in the honeymoon stages of a relationship. Evolved conscious love making, can be a healing force in a wounded couple. Yet coming to that place of reconnection for many is half the struggle. The LAST thing many who are in rift want to do, is to even hold the hand of the waring faction. The patterns so ingrained, it feel almost inconceivable to create connection in this form, ANYTHING but. So “date nights” are set and are often token offerings towards connection that fall way to shy of the potency of what lays right under our noses. Lacking in energy, time or motivation, the unspoken separateness becomes the norm, and the sense and perception of isolation and disconnection expands into epic proportions.

We need a paradigm to reconnect. Ways to share new experiences with our partners, that transcend the societal “dinner and a movie” date night. Dinner and a movie just doesn’t cut it, when the conversation is either non existent or totally head based and disconnected from the very thing we are seeking to ignite. Connection of our bodies and hearts. 

Embodied, heart based experiences is what will bring us closer to one another, shared experiences that allow us to bond transcending the need for analysis, blame games, and score keeping. I have newly launched my relationship medical intuitive sessions, which create a whole new method to explore unhealthy embedded cycles, and the natural enhancement to that journey is the private yoga offering. Private yoga sessions for couples to experience a shared journey, transcendent of words, to create a special experience that will give you the gift of a shared exploration, has the potential to be a deeply healing force. These sessions are held in a deeply sacred space, honouring each individuals needs, and offering chances to explore through gaze, gentle touch and guided meditation a way to reconnect in a healthy and inspiring environment. Away from the demands of the daily grind. A temple in which to enter, to connect once again, soul to soul.

The investment in a couples private yoga series of 6 or 12 sessions, also comes with a goal setting session were we can explore your needs in the journey, and provide a framework for lasting healthy change. When booking select the “private yoga” option, pricing is the same as the 1:1 practice. For those who have tried couples counselling yet find themselves in the same unhealthy communication cycles, this may be the key for you to enter the doorway into the evolved relationship. 

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