The magic of intention


How clear are you on the life you truly wish to live? Do you have a clear intention of what you REALLY want from life? Your relationships, career, home, health, body, your community? 

Have you defined what you will, and will not accept? Perhaps you have once set strong intentions, yet on some level you have lost connection to the internal wisdom from within that is your strongest guide. You’ve learned to ignore it, to dilute your deepest knowing, what was once clear now muddied, as you’ve journeyed into unexpected pathways, and experienced the array of emotions of this human life. Territory that has had you experience emotions such as disappointment, rejection, guilt, shame and pain. Your hearts compass weakened by loosing touch with your deep inner voice. That voice drowned out by those of parents, partners, family, mistaking their beliefs for your own, blurring the boundaries of what you know at your deepest core to be true for you. 


Or perhaps these experiences have further strengthened your resolve to stay aligned to your path, your truth, honouring your own internal wisdom. Perhaps you have glimmers of it, start to act on it’s guidance, but shortly after shut it down, dial down your light - procrastinate, ruminate, stagnate in your body and your heart. Your body and soul want you to be vital, to be fully alive, active in all your senses, to be connected and aware. Connection comes when we are in the space of the heart. Awareness and intention is held in the heart, activate it. Light it up through your intention. 

You can choose to reset your intention at any time, and it’s the natural process of life to integrate our lessons and to It’s never too late, and there is never a perfect time to start, to act, to reawaken the dormant forces of power within each of us.  

The magnetic field of your heart will call in your desires, when you stay connected, on purpose, and aligned. Intention is everything. It sets the vibratory field of our body in alignment with the the forces of nature available to us, to deliver to us that which our most dominant thoughts. I often advice my clients to nourish themselves with thoughts, concepts and ideas that light them up. Read inspiring books, listen to talks from people who inspire you, surround yourself in the positivity and intelligence of the collective consciousness that is available to each and every one of us.  

You need to put your order in to the universe, via the magic of intention. If we are not clear in our on what we want, life will come at us through the slipstream of our sub conscious conditioning. To create the life you want, you need to wake up. Waking up the mind and the body, getting it clearly aligned, transforms us into the central channel of life giving magic. Be a clear vessel, and invite in the magic. Yoga, breath, meditation, awareness, movement, clear conversations and connections all tools for awakening. It’s not complex, it’s ancient wisdom, we’ve made it complicated. 

At the start of 2017 I got crystal clear on my intentions for the year. It was a big one, turning 40. This milestone reminding me, life is short, the time is now. When I set my intentions very clearly, my life (on all levels) started showing me a once unthought of reality. My dreams started coming into form, in business, family, relationships, community and so much more. Support came in from all levels, doorways opened into spaces of total light. I want to show you how to do the same.  

Is it time to get clear? Join a tribe of fellow travellers to heart based living with total clarity. 

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