Completion in clarity


For many of us, clarity is unfamiliar, it’s scary. Entering a space of clarity can be like touching the void of deep expansive nothingness. Entering the absolute, the divine, to entering our buddha nature, or god like presence. It’s a path less travelled, and stepping into a space of clarity is like the implanting of fresh footprints in a blanket of snow. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s full.    

Clarity is what you know is true of you, in your absolute knowing and truth of self. Clarity is the only medicine you will ever need. Because in clarity, you can truly feel you are already whole and complete. You don't need one single thing more to complete you, not a person, not a job,  not a title, not a house, not a holiday. You are complete. 

Clarity comes when you slow down to distill the musings of the inner voice that keeps us full up of distracting dialogues, discourses, cravings and aversions. The relentless streams of repetitive thoughts serve the ego to keep us bound in states of confusion, delusion and avoidance. The mind will keep us wound up a steady stream of self sabotaging loops that keep us stuck in a version of the small self that the ego feels safe in. 

How do we avoid clarity? We consume. We consume media, we consume other peoples ideas, we consume beliefs that are not our own. We consume more than we need, more food, more alcohol, more socialising, more food, more sugar, more disposable clothing, more electronics, more holidays, more plastic, more more more. We are stuffed full with the metaphoric "empty calories” of lives made up of seemingly small choices that are made to mask the lives big choices. The choices that make a life of mediocracy, or a life of endless potential and absolute abundance and potentiality. 

We avoid the truth that comes from clarity by allowing ourselves to remain stuck. To avoid making the big leaps that will ultimately free us from the entrapment of our own makings. Clarity will have you stepping into your absolute power, your total truth and the fallout of this truth is not always perceived as a desirable pathway. It is the path of the warrior, the true leaders, the road less travelled. 

Clarity comes from slowing down. From saying no. From tuning inward. From stopping. From pausing and integrating all of that which you have consumed.  From detoxing the heart, mind and soul of the debris of wrong relationships, jobs, choices, and the effects of distraction. Meditation, yoga, contemplation, mindful living. Mindful choices bring the freedom of clarity.  

The clearing may be messy. The clearing may be painful. The clearing may cause a grief of an aspect of you, but it’s aspect of you ready to depart. For you to truly come home to you. When you come home to you - you are unshakeable, at your core you are in absolute power. No person, no circumstance, no event can shake you. You know the magic of your divinity, and with a tender heart available for loving, available for receiving, and available to lead you to your highest purpose here on in this incarnation. To love. To be love, and to share love. For that is touching the void of divine nature, and that is who you are. 

Launching March 2017.
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