Women's circles for change


Women are coming together, in yoga studios, in living rooms, in parks, in forests in the sanctity of a space devoted to honest, conscious and considered conversation - in women's circles. Conversation of body, heart, voice and mind. Women are coming together not in opposition to the masculine or to men as it once was so in times of feminism past. But in the embrace of the masculine in their brothers, sons, lovers, partners and in the embrace of the masculine within. Women are coming together, for clear and potent expression, expansion and healing. 

There is a strength is the coming together of the divine sharing that comes to pass in the ancient practice of the women’s circle. Last year I was felt called to bring women together in what was a new space for me. To form women’s sharing circles. The magic and awareness it activated was deeply profound. Life changing. I do not use those words lightly, as there are many practices and claims made in the personal development industry that claim such “results”. But this process truly created an awakening and a ripple effect that continues long after the event, and the psychical connection. The simple coming together of women who are ready and open to step into a space of nurtured vulnerability, to be truthful in the expression of their needs, wants and desires creates a charge within each member of the circle. 

In the sharing or witnessing of just one truthful life changing statement the entire trajectory of a life can change, aligned to a greater truth, and with the loving energy and support of a tribe of women who “have your back”.    

The ritual of sharing and connecting is a time honoured tribal tool that has given way to a existence of living behind screens and social facades. Conversations held through devices, devoid of the sweetness of voice and human connection. We crave it and we are starved of it. 

The resonance of the sacred, and respectful sharing, giving voice to the inevitable challenges and joys that life presents, and being truly witnessed in recognised. When established with clear intentions, and facilitated free of ego, a women’s circle can be a potent space of healing, free of judgment, drama, or the need to solve or fix anyone. A women’s circle allows us to show up, with all of our perceived imperfections, the messyness of our earthly lives, speak truthfully about our experiences and emotions and to let go of the masks that have us “keeping it all together". In the safe space of witnessed sharing the insights and self awakening process is inevitable. This is the reason I have included this practice in the Circle of Clarity online course. 

When we come together as women, harnessing the healing energy of the divine feminine we not only diffuse the fire of our own discontent, but we through our vibratory fields enact, and ignite a charge throughout all of humanity. It really is that powerful.

To the women who enters the safety of the circle, and without a word spoken allows herself to cry. To release all she’s been holding in.

To the women who teaches us to be bold, not give a f**ck about what others think.

To the women who is angry, and is brave enough to release the resentment that was forming toxic cell formation in her body. 

To the women who is unapologetic about taking up more space and finally seeing where she has kept herself small. 

To the women who is wounded and unable to express her needs, who feels guilty for taking this time out for herself. 

To the women who is silent but is the strong and steady observer and holder of the space. 

To the women who feels it all, and shares the depths of her soul, brave raw and vulnerable. 

To the women who is awakening, who is in her fierce power and is tired of dimming her light.

To all women, showing us the perfect and delicious divine, as we traverse the passages of women hood.  

To all women who are ready to live a life of clarity, of full expression and to be, claim and have the life of her hearts deepest desires. To share her light and her gifts, to show the way through the simplicity of life in her own expression, in whichever form that takes. 

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