Peace in Completion

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As the Autumn leaves teach us of release, they speak to us of the cycle of life. 

All life is a cycle. The sacred cycle, the trilogy of three. Our existence punctuated by the complexity of human emotions, underpinned by the multi potentiality of what is possible through the creative process of life. 

Birth. Through intention the sacred seed of life germinates. The energy of new beginnings, possibility, purity, and the innocence of the unknown. Each new life a potent container for new beginnings, pure creative expression and flow, at the hands of each of us as we journey through life. Each dawn a new start, a new way is revealed. 

This tenderness of new life gives way to the sweet spot of existence. The space in between. The centre, at the core in the moment of all that is. Mid life. Mid cycle. THE moment, that we so often miss when we are lost ruminating on the loss of unmet expectations, pain from the past, the plot lines of stories that could have, should have, would have played out. Are you in the mid point of your life, living it to it’s fullest, from the central anchor of your body? The heart space? If not, why not? Why are you worrying about what is yet to come, gripped by the fear of “what if’s”, or suspended in the echoes of a story that has bought you to a life too far informed by the trauma or disappointments of the past?  

Death. The greatest teacher. The inevitable ending of all things, life, fading beauty, the sweet surrender of a story complete. Completion is powerful. Life shows us countless metaphors In it’s finality, we can bid farewell to aspects of self that have expired. Our ego’s keep us in the grip of toxic, old patterns. We hold on, we store the old stories, and when we hold on for too long our bodies deplete, form dis-ease. 

For true change, clarity and deep peace to transpire in our lives, we must be prepared to complete the open stories of our past. Often when we are truly seeking our deepest purpose in life, and particularly in mid life we can find ourselves holding on to the stories of incomplete stories of self. Unfinished projects, losses not fully grieved, relationships lost. These stories are often out pictured in our surrounds, we hold onto the memories through object to remind us, symbols to cling to, comfort in the tangible. 

If you are truly seeking to connect to your hearts deepest desires, you must be prepared to let go, to complete the stories. To see the new dawn on each of our desires, without the clouded lens of perception of the “failures”, the “not good enough’s" the what if’s. 

It’s never too late to complete a story, to chase and hold a dream that you held as a child, or in a former phase of your life, to find true peace. It may not look the way you expect it to, but if we allow ourselves to stay suspended in the half measure of life, this is what is delivered to us - half measures. 

We must step towards the life of our desires, and be willing to release the old.