Your true nature

Your life was intended. You are meant to be here. You have a purpose here, a very clear assignment. You chose this life. You had total clarity about arriving into this life, this body, this family and this time on the planet. You had an intention. Are you honouring this knowing? Are you living a life on purpose? Or are you suppressing your ultimate truth? 


What if living your life fully aligned to your purpose was just too much for those around us? Or what if living a life fully in our power was too much to not others, but to us? We can be so afraid of the pure light that eminates from us when we are on purpose that we do anything to dull that light. We distract, we dull, we drown, we desensitise. 

In my childhood and teens I was a big shiny, radiant light, my spirit resistant to the painful truth of parenting that told me “I was to be seen and not heard”.  The youngest of 4 children, my need to be “seen, praised and and acknowledged” was and is the rocket fuel for my life's work. My soul arrived in a home, where the mantras of “life isn’t meant to be easy”  and “money doesn’t grow on trees” was programmed into my psyche. To alchemise the childhood experience of bearing witness to alcoholism, depression, and deeply ingrained patterns. It was my true nature to alchemise the negative into positive, and life has served to me many opportunities to connect to my true nature. Each time I honour it, I am shown the magic in following my heart. Even out of the most painful heart territory. 

My soul knew that within the darkness I was to connect to the core of my shining light. Every chance I was given I would take the spotlight, to speak my truth, to stay in the light of my intention of this lifetime. I took a lead role in school plays, I was nominated school council president, I addressing the school, public speaking to any authorities who would listen, the youth are suffering, we need support. I raised my hand up for every “good cause” I could, collecting money for the red cross, 40 hour famine, in my limited awareness of ways to help humanity it was my natural inclination. I would counsel fellow classmates who I could see where struggling academically and socially, I bought in school spare school uniforms for the girl in class that everyone chastise. I volunteered at the local youth club, I lectured the local council members about substandard youth services at age 15. No one told me to do any of this, there was/is a force in me thatI could not repress, I wanted to be of service in the best way I knew how, by example.

What was your natural inclination as a child, as a teenager? Is that part of you still alive? Or is is suppressed by the voices from within, or those of parents, partners, or teachers that told you it’s not practical, or it can’t make you any money doing it? Have you dulled the inner voice, shrouded by the “should’s and should not’s. The excuses of lack of choice, responsibly, or the age old “not enough time”? 

What if you stopped distracting yourself? Stopped diluting your brilliance. Stopped the excuses.  What could be possible not only for you, but for humanity. What if living a life fully aligned, fully on purpose and ignited was the doorway to the ultimate freedom. The ability to be YOU, and shine like the stars from which you came? 

We get one precious life, and we get the chance to leave our legacy through the example of this life. The legacy of a life full of loving connections, of faith, and of integrity is perhaps the most enduring legacy of all.

Are you ready to connect to your true nature again, to play in this space like a child and see the possibility of reclaiming your life. 

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