"Sometimes each person's load can only be taken collectively. Collectively we can pull the weight. We have a collective strength in us, hand in hand, in friendship, in the love, and in the affection. Do not keep things to yourself and say, ‘I cannot.’ There is nothing you cannot do." Yogi Bhajan


Community and connection, and being supported through the process of growth and liberation. With tribe we become accountable, and can ride a powerful wave of collective energy, our intentions are amplified at a greater intensity. The group process is simply more powerful when energetic forces come together with a common outcome. To create a life of our dreams, we need a be willing to draw on the energy of team to enable it. Dream work truly is team work!  

Many of us proudly self proclaim to be strong independent women and rightly so, but at what cost does this badge of honour cost us. In guarding our independence self we can too easily be our own barrier between our ability to actually receive the abundance so many of us claim we want. If we are holding it all together, why would the universe send us people to help support us? Independent says, no thank you to the love and support we all crave and need to sustain. 

We must be mindful that our independence is not a consequence of martyrdom. Just because you can do it all yourself, why do you have to? Old habits die hard. Often independence is born as a result of past wounding, times in our past (often in early years) when we did rely on others to help meet our very real needs and they failed us. Independence means no one will fail us, but ourselves. But putting all the pressure on yourself is a heavy load to bear. We grow tired, we grow weary. But no on can do it just like you right? No one does it “right” way? No one will understand. 

Independence is a neat facade for the disallowance of vulnerability. To ask for help, emotionally, physical or energetic also comes with an admittance on some level that we are somehow not whole. We feel we are less than, or weak for not being able to figure it all out on our own, to have all the answers, resources, or means to achieve beyond the day to day, least of all to reach for a life of our greatest desires. You are not less than, you are enough, and your are human. It’s ok to need help. 

Independence is often another word for control. The I’ll do it myself mindset keeps the parameters firmly in place, no one can disappoint us. Interdependence is doing the work, and leaving space for magic and co-contribution.

INTER-dependence requires us to find trust, when we open up the vulnerable parts of ourselves, we must feel and know it’s in a space that is deeply honouring and conscious of the fragility and support needed to guide us through this rebirthing of connection. 

Surrender. In conscious, self responsible community we can see that we are not alone in our musings, our life challenges, we also find inspiration and support to grow with the energetic support of those who truly want to see us thrive. You know the kindred folk, when in your sharing you can truly feel their genuine support. In conscious aligned tribe, there is no competition, comparison serves only to inspire. I'll never forget the words of one my earliest yoga teachers in relation to the yoga shala of highly driven A-type Ashtanga Yogis , we must look to our fellow yogi’s only for inspiration, not comparison, that in itself is a practcie. In yogic teachings the sanskrit word for community is “Sangha”. This is what I am passionate about creating in the communities of women I bring together. I hold the space with the ultimate respect for the unique processing for each any every soul who has gathered in circle. 

The circle of clarity program incubates support through tribe and the process of finding clarity, freedom, energy and focus. Creating confidence through connection. The process allows for your own introspection and reflection and we come together in 3 powerful online women's circles throughout the 9 week journey.  The pauses between connection are where the magic happens!

Launching May 26th. Don’t miss out on this powerful container for your unique process. 

Much love,