The Value System

What is it that you truly value? Our sense of what is valuable is so uniquely personal. If you were to distill all the truth of what you truly value, would you be living life in other ways? What is your value system, what is it comprised of? 

The Nadis - Energy System of the body. 

The Nadis - Energy System of the body. 


As a collective it seems we have largely been seduced my marketers and advertising industry, the media to dictate to us what we should value, and why we lack value in ourselves if we don’t have the requisite status symbols that we have sub consciously programmed to believe we should have. The game of attainment is a complex one, and It’s a loosing game at that. No sooner are we sold the image of what we should have be or do, trends change, the stakes get higher, horizons bigger. Innovations in technology constantly serving up new products to consume. Investment moguls with “life changing formulas” advise on why we should ditch the $4.00 coffees to make way for building property empires. Not only should we have our own family home, but at least one investment property, right? Overseas holidays need to be adequately instagrammable, and aspirational. Life just keeps getting pimped up, bigger, better, richer, smarter. 

But if you are reading this, I know you don’t buy that line. You don’t walk that path. You know your deep soul values could never be captured in the singular dimension of a social media feed. But, it’s all around you, and our sub conscious brain absorbs it all. Somewhere in there we don’t feel we have enough, that we are enough. We start to devalue who we truly are. 

Where do you place your value? Is it in relationships, and nurturing friendships. Is it in the image you project to the world? Is in the work that you do? Is it in the creative process? What constitutes value for you?

In the group work I facilitate around value, I have witnessed what I think is the key to unlocking and accessing our innate value. It really is in the loving who we are - here and now. Not over there, when you’ve achieved x,y,z. Within each of us the absolute goldmine in uniqueness of who you are, and what lights you up! That thing, that thing that lights you up! That pursuit were time stands still, and you are in flow with you. 

Our personal value system, weaves intricately with the energy system of the body. Our body speaks, when something is out of alignment with our personal values. So often I have encountered clients and students who are out of alignment with their “thing/passion” and working in jobs they dislike, or are feeling valued in the home will have issues in either their lower back or hips, the beginnings of disease.  The area of our body that holds our sense of value, safety and connection. Shoulder injuries, holding up responsibility for a load too heavy. Knees speaking back, when our sense of choice is compromised. The body speaks, and sometimes it yells, it cries for help. I am fortunate to be in tune with my body over the years of work I have cultivated my yoga practice, and when I was in a relationship I knew was making me sick, I had to make the brave choice to leave. In the corporate job that was out of alignment with my values. My level of sensitivity was so great, I could no longer put my health at risk. It wasn't easy, but for my health it was time. I've now channelled my sensitivity into being able to help others, and tune into their processes, that is my reward for my bravery. 

What we truly value shows up and is palpably clear in our spending habits. Take a look at your credit card and bank statements, and it starts getting immediately clear. Do you invest in you? Your health, both physical and emotional? When was the last time you invested in your energy health? Do you spend easily on others, on the family budget, but scrimp on your needs? Where are you in your value system, are you honouring you? 

The circle of clarity program is designed to help create a sacred container to value YOU, your gifts, the expression of you. You’re invited. 

Starts Friday 26th May, 2017.  Step into the circle, and allow yourself to be at the centre of your value system.