Are you committed to seeing out your calling and purpose in this lifetime? Is your heart centred business still simply a pipe dream? Or have you started and now stalled?  

I know what it's like to meet resistance. It's draining, it feels painful, and it's depleting of your vital life force. 

After running my own soul-based business for 10 years, off the back of a career in communications and design I know well how to combine heart work and business. How to create magnetic brands and communicate a soulful, authentic voice through your personal brand.

I can show you how to launch or grow your own heart centred, values driven business, in a balanced and sustainable way. To believe in your worth. 

I share step by step guidance to get your vision into the world! 

▵ 8 Week Business Activation Mentoring Programme with Lauren 


I share all of my insider insights and all the wisdom I have collected over years of experience in the space.. I can help guide you to craft and build your life in the design of your souls desires, AND keep it real.

If you are seeking mentorship in the business space, I can help you to launch your brand/business and share my learnings to help you shortcut the process. 

Unpack and explore themes such as:  

  • Being good with being seen - the art of visibility & vulnerability
  • Personal boundaries and the ethics of leadership in a soulful business  
  • Creating a magnetic brand & brand story you FEEL great about sharing with total truth and transparency
  • Practical communications planning and discovery - developing a program of works that will work for YOU! 
  • Feeling "good enough" "qualified enough" "clever enough" get it
  • The bravery to take things to the next level and the ability to identify self sabotage versus critical thinking and self awareness
  • Technical aspects of launching a business and a communications strategy to make it happen -  logo, website, photography, social media strategy
  • Ritual and timing, knowing when and how to launch new business initiatives
  • Sustainable business evolution, can you afford this, is now the right time? (we will unpack this in your first complimentary discovery session) 
  • PR - ways to get free exposure for your business to thousands! 
  • Ideas for cultivating passive income streams through your knowledge - just like I have with my online program ( 

Here's the thing. I cringe at the thought of being YET ANOTHER of the countless business mentors and coaches who will have you shell over your hard earned cash for me to convince you my program will transform your life. I will NOT play to your emotions and convince you that you NEED my program - you don't point blank. Life will go on if you don't do this work, and you will still be fact more than enough. I will however take the time to undertake a risk assessment to ensure you can ethically afford to work with me without leaving yourself exposed - emotionally or financially. If you like what I've done with my brand, then I can share with  you EXACTLY how I did it. 

I  will offer you my practical guidance, mentorship to setting up a realistic and inspiring plan for your business - the two need not be mutually exclusive! 

Program Includes:
- 4 x 60 minute working sessions covering all you need to know to bring your brand to life - value $2200
 - The "Your Soul - Your Brand" ebook full of practical and emotional tools and activities - value $100
- 8 weeks of  email support and feedback on your marketing materials -  value $2000
- 1 x Medical Intuitive Session - value $550
- Inclusion in the Bi annual 9 module "circle of clarity" online program - value $1200 

Total overall value: $6050 

Investment: Guess what? You don't need to book in a "free sales call" to get my pricing. Here it is -  $3500 or 4 x payments of $1000. How refreshing! 

The only thing we will do on a complimentary session is to ascertain if we feel the investment is right for you and you feel the mentoring and knowledge I can offer will be beneficial in the LONG RUN. I am committed to your overall health and balance. Please only enquire if you are genuinely committed to this also. 


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"Lauren is a visionary who shares her deep wisdom in a practical and structural way to guide people in their businesses. She has an innate ability to guide willing, creative people to ground their ideas and visions into reality in a practical way. I had a creative vision for my business and Lauren guided me with precise questioning to bring it into fruition. She asked me the questions I wasn't asking myself to help me gain a new perspective on how to structurally approach my business. Lauren's approach brings deep wisdom that is 'to the point' to guide people, and their business in a simple and effective way. 
Steph Wallace, Teacher & Soulprenuer  



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"I wanted to take the big step of starting my own business from working as a sub contractor in a small clinic. I felt very overwhelmed and felt it was a daunting process to start with rebranding, setting up a website, how it should look, where to set one up from etc. Lauren had a step by step guide for me to bring clarity on what I was to do with my rebranding and website. She gave me weekly tasks that were achievable and kept me accountable. Not only did she support me through the physical steps of the set up but she delved deeper and helped me to understand who I was and how I wanted to represent myself on my website. She helped to clear my self doubt and other issues that were holding me back from being confident and believing that I can have a successful business." -
Nicole (Nutritionist & Herbalist)