Medical Intuition Modality Practitioner Training  

I am trained in a range of practices and individual techniques can be requested, or I can intuitively guide you using the techniques I feel will best support your goals. I offer the following: 

- Medical Intuitive
- Holistic Mentoring
- PKP Kinesiology
- Reiki
- Yogic Practices (including breath work & movement) 

Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeships 

Amongst so many other things, the main benefits are to: 


Some examples of how I have helped clients: 
- Stress, anxiety & depression
- Life purpose and direction
- Launching and operating a heart centred business
- Physical, mental & emotional imbalances
- Self love, self esteem & body image issues
- Life and business vision mentoring


We first discuss the reasons why you were called to book in with me. I hold the space for you, and as you talk I tune in and get a sense of the best techniques to suit you and your path. All sessions are held via Skype, or if you are based in Melbourne I currently run in person sessions from my home clinic in Melbourne's inner west (Seddon). Your session will be unique and tailored to you according to your own unique needs and intentions with the sessions. We will work together to create a plan to help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.  It's really important to keep in mind that these sessions are not a quick fix solution, and in my work with clients I do encourage you to make sure you commit to actions outside your sessions also to reinforce the work that is done in the healing space. When you are ready to do the work, the transformation unfolds. 





"Lauren's intuitive approach and warm welcome made me immediately comfortable with her.  I knew instantly that she could 'See' me and understand at what point I was at in my life. This gave her enough insight to tackle the issue and dilemmas I presented quickly and easily. Her guidance has helped me to look at my life with fresh eyes and a fresh enthusiasm as her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. I would highly recommend her support, guidance and wisdom." - Louise,Yoga teacher & Writer


Please note: 

Lauren Burns is not a medical doctor and claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Lauren does NOT diagnose, treat, prescribe, mitigate, alleviate or care for any disease of any kind. These sessions are not intended as a substitute for appropriate professional medical care. It is the clients responsibility to consult andphysician or trained health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of any medical problem, issue, disease, or condition.

The services provided by Lauren Burns are informed by intuitive teaching, and her own personal study, practice and experience. It is the participant and clients full responsibility to employ their own free will to determine and act on his or her life choices. Lauren Burns does not accept any assumed or implied responsibility or liability whatsoever for her clients, or students choices, actions feeling or reactions during or after a session. Each individual creates their own reality and therefore no blame will be accepted by Lauren Burns for a client or students choice to not think or act responsibly.

Thank you.