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Medical Intuitive - Practitioner Training Module 1

Millennium Modality Medical Intuition (MMMI) - Module 1

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This weekend practitioner training is designed to empower you through education in metaphysical principles, ancient wisdom, and techniques. You will be guided through theoretical and practical experiences, to guide both yourself and others to

awareness via the messages of embodied wisdom. Understand more deeply, what the body is communicating, and decode it's messages back to living a more full, rich and joyus life of pure potentiality. 

The MI journey takes you back to a place of remembering your absolute potentiality and and bring your awareness, and allow for an embodied appreciation of this sacred life. Remember that life, and you can reside in a state of harmony, grace and ease. To remind you that of the your power in conscious co-creating your life.

This powerful personal development journey is those looking to expand their existing healing or teaching business, or perhaps start a new one. Or can be undertaken purely for personal development. 

Medicine - to make whole and complete.
Intuitive - Acknowledge and trust the inner teacher and guidance that resides with you. 

Discover the universal body of knowledge known as Medical Intuitive. 


What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition and the elements composed within it have been around in many forms for thousands of years, throughout the ages, throughout many lifetimes. different forms of medical intuitive healing practices have been used although in the past not always labelled as such. Historically there is recorded tangible evidence of healing as far back as Egyptian, Aztec, and Mayan cultures, most of which using the foundations of Medical Intuitive. It is the art of making "whole and complete".

Medical intuitive is using the art of healing to make whole and complete. It is a body of universal knowledge of which we all have access to that allows us as humans to come to the awakening that life is complete, harmonious and of an abundant conscious creation. Medical Intuition gives us the tools and framework to come back to the oneness or “absolute” of which each of us are a part. To remind us that we are the co-creators of our life and our destiny in abundance and love. When we access the healing wisdom held in Medical Intuitive we can remove the human illusion of separation, illness and disharmony. In this space we are able to work on a multidimensional plane to transcend and ascend in the healing process, on a quantum and cellular level.

Accessing the alchemy of emotions, accessing the wisdom and template of sacred geometry, crystals, plant essences, biofeedback from the body, the energy centres in the body (chakras), kundalini energy, DNA and our own unique energy blueprint. Medical Intuitive practices access the universal knowing and oneness, and allow us to tap into our complete potentiality and brilliance.

Medicine is to heal - to make whole and complete. Intuitive references the subconscious brain, by allowing us to tap into the multidimensional knowing of all that is, all that has been, and all that there is to be. When we access the intuition we are accessing the universal mind. We can first apply it our own individual “story”, yet also feel how our own story connects into the greater collective consciousness. Medical Intuitive shows us how to become liberated from limiting thoughts and beliefs we may hold about ourselves in all areas and aspects of our lives, such as relationships, career, family not just our physical health.

Medical Intuitive – Module I Curriculum includes:

  • What is medical intuitive
  • The ancient & modern art of alchemy
  • Body awareness - how is the body speaking, what is it saying? 
  • Healing process, awakening & ascension
  • How emotions relate to dis-ease.
  • Basics of sacred geometry 
  • Emotional anatomy of the body
  • Basics of crystals and their use in healing
  • Hands on experience in holding a session
  • Essences and ancient remedies
  • Understanding the dimensions
  • Releasing limiting belief systems
  • Detailed workbook provided for personal and professional reference post training. 
  • Kundalini - what is it? 
  • The 10 point Merkaba & crystal gridding for transformational healing
  • Mediations & 
  • Experiential based education.

Is this course for you? Answer yes to the following, and the answer is yes!

  • You want a deeper understanding of the messaging of the bodies
  • You want to connect to your ancient wisdom and knowing
  • You are a natural teacher, healer, or coach, with a desire to truly help and inspire others
  • You are looking for an additional offering to your services that is fully certified and accredited
  • You are ready to reach your fullest potential and release limiting beliefs and patterns. 
  • Your life has reached a point of awakening and transformation.  
  • You are ready to launch or enhance a heart based business that will help the health of the planet, while you get to do what you love! 

Course: Medical Intuitive Module I
10th & 11th February 2019
Dates & Times: 
Saturday 15th February: 10.00pm - 5.30pm  
Sunday 16th February: 10.00am - 5.30pm

Practitoner level training. 

Practitoner level training. 


Where: Inner West Melbourne (address provided upon booking) 
Investment: AU$660.00

Full Payment is required at the time of booking. No refunds are given, so please ensure you are fully committed to this undertaking before applying. Click on the button below and place your payment through the online store. 




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