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Japan Retreat - Total Clarity

Create Clarity. Find Freedom. Heal and Release. Metaphysical Japan Retreat with Lauren Burns

About the Retreat

Enter a sacred container for you to receive the gift of total Clarity. We will be immersing in a range of metaphysical practices including, yoga, meditation, reiki, medical intuitive, and transformational sharing circles. The investment you make in yourself to be part of this journey will be life changing. You will have the time to pause, to connect deeply, and to claim total clarity in all arenas of your life. Supported by the energy of likeminded individuals who are equally committed to growth and truth. All of this in the setting of Japan, and ancient land of healing, spirituality and ritual.

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Indicative Schedule

Below is an example the type of day we will experience together. However there will also be days where you will have spare time to wander through the village, or organise an activity that calls you. You may also wish to simply receive the space and time to reflect and enjoy the opportunity to disconnect from your daily life at home amongst the powerful energy of the land of the rising sun.

7.00am Yoga
9.00 Japanese Breakfast
11.00 Meditation & Pranayama
1.00 Lunch Break & Free Time
3.00 Village Tour
4.30 Group Coaching Session
6.30 Evening Meal
8.00 Visit Onsen

(Note this is an indicative schedule only and is subject to change, I will be creating an experience largely based on the collective needs of the group)

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7 nights share accomodation in traditional guest house inn
7 Evening meals
7 x daily breakfast
Day Trips (Nagano city, temples, archaeological ruins, Japanese garden tours)
Village Tours
Hiking (optional)
Onsen visits
2 x day lantern festival
Transfers from Iyama Station
Healing & Mindfulness Practices
Daily Yoga & Meditation
Crystal Grid
Private Coaching Session with Lauren

Activities & Day Trips:

  • Village Tour with our local guide Hiromi to experience the shrines & teahouses and handicraft stores

  • Unforgettable a 2 day entire village celebration to experience of the annual Autumn Japanese lantern festival from the Edo period - unmissable!

  • Hiking Tour through the lush autumn forest and ancient trees

  • Healing visits to many local onsens (traditional Japanese bathing house)

  • Mindfulness forest walks & forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku)

  • Browsing through the many traditional handicraft stores and feast on the delights of the local street food, perhaps sample a little sake!

  • Rosary Blessing ceremony as part of our day trip to Nagano city to visit Buddhist Zenkoji Temple

  • Visit Ancient Archaeological site dating back to Stonehenge time to see Japanese pottery artefacts

  • Day trip to Obuse to experience the traditional Japanese gardens, artwork, and famous culinary export - hazelnuts!  

Zenkoji Temple Nagano

Zenkoji Temple Nagano

Rosary Blessing Ceremony

Rosary Blessing Ceremony

Optional Activities

Some additional activities you may choose to experience at an additional cost.

  • Bliss out with a Shiatsu traditional Japanese massage

  • Kayaking, stand up paddle and rafting

  • Mountain biking with a mountain bike guide

  • Traditional Japanese cooking class

  • Handicraft Vineworks basket weaving lesson

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About Nozowa Village

Set within the Nagano Prefecture, Nozowa Village is a truly magical part of this fascinating and culturally rich land. Known for it’s beauty and display across the four seasons this quant village has you experiencing the timeless energy of the land. Our retreat will take place in Autumn, with a stunning display colour, we will have many opportunities to bask in the vibration of the land, and experience what Autumn energy has to teach us. Autumn energy will show us the way to release, to surrender, to transform to the brightest version of who you are, and how you want your life to feel. Nozowa is also well known for it’s 13 free public Onsens (bathing houses). The perfect place to rest weary bodies, hearts and souls, and allow the waters to cleanse and wash away old energy.

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Traditional Onsen (one of 13)

Traditional Onsen (one of 13)

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The Autumn Festival - Lantern Festival

Our retreat is also consciously timed with the annual traditional festival from the Edo period. Every year Nozawa village plays host to this timeless festival that marks the end summer and heralds the dawning of a bountiful rice harvest. Just as you will receive the harvest of your investment in you! This is set to be one to the highlights of the retreat. Japan do ceremony and tradition in such a visually and energetically stunning capacity. I am so excited to share this experience with you!

Saturday September 8th

During the early evening on Saturday, September 8th, Oyu Dori (Nozawa’s main street) springs to life with street vendors and a parade featuring drums, flute players, dancing and an age-old Japanese folk pantomime. Being the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the performance is said to dispel evil in favor of good luck while ensuring a bountiful rice harvest. All the while, villagers and tourists can enjoy themselves as the sake flows.

Sunday September 9th

On Sunday 9th, the men in their “yaku” (bad luck) years, shake off their hangovers and carry a heavy “Omikoshi” through the village. The villagers donate bottles of sake to the action taking place which not only adds to the spectacle but also the time it takes for the men to complete their mission of carrying the Omikoshi to the Shrine. Everybody is on hand to cheer them on and help them up the stairs of the Shrine around sunset.

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Our local host - Hiromi Matsumura

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We are so blessed to be able experience this magical retreat to you with the support of a local Japanese fellow yogi. Hiromi after many years travelling the world has returned to Nozowa village to run the family lodge. She is so passionate about sharing both her love of yoga, and of her village to all who visit, and create a new and unique world yoga destination. I met Hiromi on my first trip to Japan, she was one of the hero’s of my experience. So generous, kind and supportive. Hiromi’s local knowledge is second to none, this is the village she grew up in. She has a unique ability translate Japanese customs and symbolism to the western mind. She is also a fully qualified yoga teacher. She is so thrilled to be part of this experience for you!

Your Teacher - Lauren Burns (Soulcode)

Teacher, Healer, Life & Soul Coach

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My passion is to help support you to bring your life visions to fruition, to hold a space for you so safe you can unravel and reveal to yourself all that you can be, to support you to shed the layers that are holding you back from claiming your total brilliance. I have a vast and deep knowledge of practices for transformation and healing.

Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Medical Intuitive, Kinesiology, and Reiki.

Read more about me here> 
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The accomodation

Obatake is a family run little lodge in the foothill of the village. It has a quant energy, and a very homely feel. Hiromi and her family have created a beautiful humble space and it almost feels as though you are guests in their family home. It’s has a very special energy. All the traditional Japanese meals are made with exacting care, and love.

The rooms are traditional tatami mats, and futons, and relatively basic, but clean and well serviced with  private toilet and basin , hair dryers , towels, safety box, air conditioner , and free wifi. The shower rooms are shared (which is quite common in Japanese accommodation). If you prefer a private room, that can be arranged at an additional fee.

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Healthy Vegetarian Meals (all evening meals included in retreat price)

Healthy Vegetarian Meals (all evening meals included in retreat price)

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Zen Traditional Japanese Accomodation. Tatami floor.

Zen Traditional Japanese Accomodation. Tatami floor.

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Early Bird: Bookings placed before January 31, 2019. Non refundable $500 deposit & balance of $2350 (save $200) Total $2850 (AUD)
Deposits paid by January 31 will secure your place. Balance due August 1st, 2019) 
Bookings after January 31: Investment of $3100  (AUD)

Spaces are strictly limited! 

I am reserving only 8 spaces for this experience. This personalised retreat will see me work with you on individual level, as such only a limited number of places will be made available. This is my commitment to you, to honour the energy and space you are investing in. This retreat will sell out, as interest is very high. So please don’t miss out if you know this is for you! 

This retreat is for you if:

  • You are seeking total clarity in all arenas of your life, your purpose, your path, your relationships, your passions

  • Not only are you craving it, you are ready to commit to the self love and investment for an unforgettable lifetime spiritual experience in one of the worlds ancient spiritual cultures

  • You have an appetite for adventure and connection with other likeminded souls 

  • You are open to the magic of group practices and healing 

  • You are ready to fully step into your purpose

  • You are of able body, mind and spirit, and ready for big and lasting change

  • Japan as a destination has been “calling you”, and it’s been calling you for a long time. The time is now

Transport, Visas & Getting to Nozawa - Japan

It’s important to note that the retreat does NOT include the price of flights, nor the train from Tokyo. If travelling from Australia it’s not uncommon for airlines to announce specials periodically throughout the year, you can secure flights ranging from around $450 - $900* return. Please work with your local travel agent if you are unsure about flights, and rail passes. If you are travelling from Tokyo - I will be sharing a recommended hotel to book for the night before (not included in the retreat fee). This will be the meeting point if you feel you could do with the support of travelling in a group to Nozowa.  Otherwise if you are ok to travel independently you can take the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station --> Iiyama Station (100 minutes). A transfer service will be available to pick you up from Iiyama Station. 

Travel Insurance 

It is essential that you arrange and travel with valid travel insurance. Please ensure you purchase this well in advance of your trip. 

Extras (not included in retreat cost) 

It is recommended you bring a little extra spending money (especially if you have a soft spot for Japanese art and crafts!). You may also like to partake in some of the extra outdoor activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, or perhaps invest in the experience of a traditional Shiatsu massage, or Reiki healing. At a minimum, you will need to purchase  lunch daily, around $20 - $25 AUD.

If for any unexpected reason the retreat is cancelled, full refunds will be issued.
All deposits are non refundable.

Local man cooking eggs in the natural hot springs.

Local man cooking eggs in the natural hot springs.

Yoga in the nurture of the giant trees.

Yoga in the nurture of the giant trees.