After spending 10+ years in the Design and Marketing industry, I learnt a thing or two about business. I have taken the journey of transitioning from a "wage slave" to a Soul based business owner. I have the formula to help your business flourish!   

I developed this program and accompanying workshop "Your Soul - Your Brand" after my Kinesiology study buddies turned to me for advice on developing their growing soul based businesses. It was a natural coming together of my two passions, and skill sets. The bringing together of both the inner work of business, and the outer voice and vision of your brand, of your soul. 

Soulcode Business Mentoring Programme with Lauren Burns.
By application from Soul based owners. 

Are you ready to truly step up and commit to your soul vision? Maybe you feel as though you lack the business and marketing skills to share your vision? Or maybe you still need to work on your inner core beliefs about true success. Yes? Read on, and see if you ready to make an application to the journey to manifesting your business desires.

After years of working with clients on their business and branding visions, and developing my own strong brands and thriving client base,  I have found some incredible formulas for soul based business, and I want to share them with you! 

I have developed an exclusive 8 week program on the inner and outer work of your soul’s business visions. To help you to get crystal clear on your business and life vision, clear the energetic blocks stopping you from achieving success. Become laser sharp on your ideal client and learn how to speak their language, and have them engage with your offering.  

Explore the real "why" of your business, and how it meets your soul's desires - when you discover this, thats when the magic happens.

Learn how to develop a thriving business, AND ensure a sense of balance and space in your life to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. 

Get ready to recieve, all that you have been working towards.  You will learn how to manifest and draw in an abundant supply of your ideal clients, broaden your reach and share your message.

Change your money mindset, and banish deep seated beliefs about self worth. True abundance IS possible for you. I'll show you how.  

Come into a space of living, breathing and TRULY believing in your vision. Get serious about removing the perceived obstacles in your pathway, and learn how to recognise them when they emerge. Shoot lazer beams through your procrastination, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Your gifts are ready to be shared, don't keep them all to yourself!

It's up to you now. Are you ready to take the journey? 

Your Journey Includes:

- 4 x Fortnightly 75 minute in person or Skype coaching sessions with Lauren
- Email support with any questions you have as we go through the process together (and it is a PROCESS)
- A copy of my "Your Soul, Your Brand" Workbook full of powerful exercises for growth, expansion and illumination
- A series weekly powerful and profound manifestation tasks and activities to get your closer to your vision
- Practical steps to developing your brand, your copy and your marketing materials, or enhancing your existing ones.
- Customised skill development kit to give you the tech tools to get your business to soar, I will individually customise the area of focus that you really want to hone in on (ie, social media, website, copy)
- 1 x Distance reiki healing - this process is so illuminating to understanding the energetics behind your business blockers

Week One:

What you will get:

Accountability, motivation, and a go to mentor for your vision. You probably get a bit of tough love along the way, but I will help you to bust through the self limiting beliefs that are stopping you from fully seeing our your dreams. I'll call you when I hear the fear talking, and help bring you back to truth. Working with me as a mentor, not only will you get practical insights and direction, but in this 8 week period I will hold space for you on an energetic level, the sense that you are being ushered in a supportive way into the version of your life you ultimately know is possible for you. We need is a witness to our journey, and a mirror to see our true power, this is the role of a mentor. I will help you to see your brilliance.

What to expect

Just keepin' it real for you...
A whopping dose of self doubt when you commit (don't worry it's just your ego actig in fear, I'll call you on it)
Many moments of wanting to give up - see above
Incredible insights to your innate brilliance
Miracle manifestations
The appearance of the right people at the right time
An overhaul of your self limiting beliefs

Total Investment

4 x Fortnightly Payments of $295 ($1180 total)

Making this financial commitment to your business, can easily be returned to you when you make the investment in yourself. It happened for me, as soon as I made a serious financial investment in my own business coach. It's the magic of energetic and Karmic laws that come into play, when you allow yourself to THINK BIG!  

Your investment in this process energetically signals your commitment to it, and is a big smack down sign to the universe that you are willing to invest in yourself! Your call will be heard. 

Way too often I have heard of healers, artists, yoga teachers and soulprenuers who have paid literally thousands in course fees, and then fail to gain traction in their business, because they are just not equipped with the right business and marketing skills to get their message out there. This investment is like the "post graduate" to your main studies, to give you the real tuition in this space that often gets missed out in the "small business" modules of study. 

How to apply:

I have really felt into where I want to place my energy and the type of clients I am drawn to work with, and that's why I have made this program intake by application. I want to get a sense of who you are, your level of commitment, and what your business  is about, and what it stands for. It's really important our values align, so we can make it work. 

As such I only accept a limited number of mentoring clients, and work with clients who are truly committed to this process, as for me holding space in this way. The process can ONLY work when clients are ready to "show up to the work". Registrations of interest can be made by completing the form below, I will then provide you with the program syllabus, and application form. 

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