Do you feel tired, unhappy, misaligned, and just not in the space in life you know you can be? Are you holding yourself back, from the space you truly desire? Is your heart and soul calling for deep change? 

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck or trapped in situation you know is eroding your energy, but you can't seem to get the clarity you desire - to finally be free, to be aligned.  

How about the self love? Your feelings of self worth? Are you constantly spending on the outer, whilst meanwhile still struggling with feelings of "not enough" on the inside. 

I've been there, and I reached for support. It made all the difference. I can be that support for you. 

▵ Life Change Mentoring Program

Be met with compassion understanding and empathy, and the right amount of support to help you move through with grace ease, to a life of your deepest desires. 

I guide you through the process of FEELING Into the life of your desires, and identifying the emotional blocks that are holding you back from having them, and kick your 'not worthy enough" stories to the curb! You are WORTHY, you are enough! 

In this change mentoring framework, you move forward to the life you truly desire & deserve!  I am here to support you, practically, emotionally and 

An 8 week process of total self discovery and support and guide you into a space of peace and acceptance. To access that which your heart truly desires. To finally make the change that has been calling you. 

Who is this program is for you if:
- Wanting to create a change your career and move towards a more aligned way of living
- Are thinking of making a geographic move
- Need support and a plan to leave a toxic relationship, job or business
- Seeking a roadmap and plan to live a more inspired life
- You feel stuck, or struggle with decision making and don't know how to access your true life purpose
- You lack the confidence to really "go for it" - whatever "it" is!
- Most importantly you are genuinely committed to taking the steps required to change your life, and leave aside what others may think of your journey. To follow your heart. 

4 x online sessions with Lauren over 8 weeks - Value $2200 
8 weeks of  email support and progress check in's - Value - $1600  
Full access to the circle of clarity online program values - Value $1200
Total Value $5,000

Or 4 x payments of cPayable over 3 x  payments of $1000 

By application only: Due to the deep personal nature of this work, it is crucial to feel an alignement with one another, as you will be entering spaces where a sense of total trust is required. If you are interested in the journey, please register your details below and I will be in touch to schedule a complimentary Skype session to address any questions you may have and to define my capacity to assist you on your goals, to see if we are the right fit on all levels. My commitment to you is I will only enter into a mentoring process, if I genuinely feel I can assist you on your journey, as I have for so many others. 


Please register your interest below, and I will be in touch within 48 hours. 

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