Is it finally time for you to immerse, and connect with your radiance? I have a series of limited release immersion packages launching in February of 2016. Will you find your Soulcode? 

I  M  M  E  R  S  E   
4 x 1:1 Sessions with Lauren  
(Only 4 available in February)

Are you really committed to growth and personal transformation? Are you ready to finally create a sense of whole and completeness. To see your perfection, your brilliance? These packages are designed just for you.  

I have found that my clients benefit from a series of session that are integrated over  3-6 month period. Integration is required to follow up the subtle but transformative changes we implement in session together, and that just can't be rushed. Likewise, it often takes 3 or more sessions to work through the wish lists that many clients come in with. In my own personal healing journey, I found myself going to my kinesiologist at least once a month, and ended up spending a fortune! Often when we start this work there are lots of layers to go through, that takes time and consistent awareness through 1:1 session.

So to make it more accessible for you to commit to this deeper process,  I’ve created a 4 x session package. You are able to use your 4 x sessions for any combination of practices with me, including mentoring, business coaching, kinesiology, and private yoga or meditation.  However, best results come when you focus on one area at at time, so I would not recommend blending too much into your immersion. Which is why I created the Vision Quest Journey (see below). 

Limited Offer Only 4 packages available in February!

Exchange/Investment: $449 (That's $112 per session, save $28 per session)
Sessions: 4 x 60minute sessions PLUS 1 x bonus 60minute session. 

FREE 20 MINUTE SESSION- Are you thinking about this package, but still have some questions? You can book in a free 20 minute Skype session with me to talk about how we can tailor your program. 

4 x 1 : 1 x 4 Immerse - Vision Quest Journey Apprenticeships
By application. 

This journey is based on the deeply ancient practice on the Master/Apprentice exchange model. A verbal handing down of wisdom, and sharing and awakening and illumination. A commitment from both parties to undertake a deeply transformative journey. Through ritual and following my own personal mastership journey I met and now work with my Higher Spirit Self (Akasyahiaya). She is who I work with and call in for my kinesiology and healing sessions, and who you will access if you are accepted on this Immersion Vision Quest Journey. In my yoga training I went through this mastership initiation model, I have a high degree of respect for the authenticity of this method of sharing wisdom and illumination. I've infused this Vision Quest journey within a more contemporary model with clear boundaries and expectations from both participants. I have translated this into a series of 16 x 1:1 75 minute sessions committed to your personal growth and ultimate illumination, in which ever areas of life you wish to direct it in. Each session will vary and I will be guided by Akasyahiaya to what format they will take. Sounds woo woo, it's not. It's just ancient energy that sits in all of us manifested. 


Applications to this journey is only available to clients who have completed 2 rounds of the 1:1 x 4 Immerse packages, and are also open to my global clients. An interview process is required to ensure a vibrational alignment is in place to do the work in this journey, as I share deeply personal gifts and rituals in these sessions. 

Exchange/Fee: Available on application
Prerequisites: 1 x 4x4 1:1 Package or a student of mine for longer than 2 years. 
Duration: 6 - 12 months, 16 x 1: 1 Sessions

Please contact me introducing yourself to me if you are seriously interested and deeply committed to the journey.