For newer yoga teachers and those seeking guidance in finding their unique expression as a teacher. Or those who are wanting to find the spark in their teaching/practice again. 

Are you a recent graduate in the practice of teaching yoga, but still feeling like you could use some additional support to have your teaching and practice develop to the next level? You may benefit from a mentor to help you on your journey. 

I've been a practitioner of yoga for over 15 years, and a teacher for almost 10, have taught in both my own studio, and in various other studios across Melbourne and I share the wisdom I have gained from this experience along with my iIntuitive abilities to help you to bust through some of the self limiting barriers of stepping into your brilliance as teachers and truly enjoy the journey. 

How does it work?

Over a 6 x sessions we work together to talk (and practice) any challenges you are facing in the art of your teaching. We start with a bonus goal setting session, to get clarity on what you wish to achieve. We get a clear road map set the Sankulpa for the journey and then connect either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. The pace is up to you! 

Areas we can work on:

- Voice and confidence
- Getting a gig teaching
- Opening your own studio
- Development of your own personal practice
- Teaching for special considerations (pre & post natal, injuries etc)
- Teaching private yoga classes
- Connecting with clients/students
- Avoiding burnout and energy depletion
- Theming & marketing workshops/retreats
- Marketing yourself as a teacher
- Keeping your practice alive
- Class sequencing and theming
- Class feedback (I can attend one of your classes and offer feedback and guidance)
- Finding the spark in your teaching again. 

Is this for you? 

- Did you complete your teacher training course and then shelve it? Do nothing with it? Yes this is for you, don't waste that amazing investment you made in you and your future as a teacher!
- You are struggling to get a teaching gig
- You are thinking of opening a studio? Having ran my own studio I can help you navigate/shortcut some of the commonly overlooked challenges of opening your own space
- You are feeling overwhelmed/burnt-out, you've lost your yoga mojo
- You are a new teacher possibly having trained overseas and would like a senior teacher to turn to locally who can guide you through your journey as a teacher. 

What is the investment? 

1 x 75 minute session $165
6 x 75 minute sessions $840 ($140 per session) 
12 x 75 minute sessions $1200 ($100 per session) 

It's time to step into the light of being the teacher you know you can be! Keep the inspiration alive. 




Please note: 

Lauren Burns is not a medical doctor and claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Lauren does NOT diagnose, treat, prescribe, mitigate, alleviate or care for any disease of any kind. These sessions are not intended as a substitute for appropriate professional medical care. It is the clients responsibility to consult andphysician or trained health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of any medical problem, issue, disease, or condition.

The services provided by Lauren Burns are informed by intuitive teaching, and her own personal study, practice and experience. It is the participant and clients full responsibility to employ their own free will to determine and act on his or her life choices. Lauren Burns does not accept any assumed or implied responsibility or liability whatsoever for her clients, or students choices, actions feeling or reactions during or after a session. Each individual creates their own reality and therefore no blame will be accepted by Lauren Burns for a client or students choice to not think or act responsibly.

Thank you.