Ignite and align your life, relationships, career and get crystal clear on your life purpose.

Clear the energetic blocks holding you back from happiness and deep fulfillment.  

Gain clarity, create a plan and the support you need to implement it. Let's go!

▵ Soulful Starter Package


New to energy work, or new to working with Medical Intuitive.  This package is recommended for the establishment of our deep journey work together.  From the moment you book in, I begin to get the download of your energy field and get the intuitive hits for you!  

I work with your energy to clear imbalances. In the time leading up to and throughout your sessions I get intuitive hits about actions you need to take, books to read, journey's to take, conversations to have and so on. Many clients report that the insights come in from the moment they book. There is an immediate sense of ease. This is the magic and alchemy of the healing space. I highly recommended time frame is to space appointments fortnightly. 

3 x Medical Intuitive sessions PLUS -  20 minute follow up call after the first session. 
Session 1: 90mins duration,  Session 2 & 3 60 minute duration.

Follow up call: 1 x week after your first session, to check in, balance your energy,  provide a space for you to ask any questions that have come up after your first session, as the first one can often be the most energetically intense. 

Investment: $680 (save $160 when you book 3 initial sessions) 

▵ Energetic Balance Package (3 x sessions) 

For previous clients, or those who have gone through the SSP (Soulful Starter Package)  Once you have had your initial 3 sessions with me a lot of the deep clearing will have had the change to shift. My recommendation is that  you go on the energy maintenance program over a 3 month period. This will keep the vibration of your initial sessions aligned, and to check in with me monthly for any questions that may have come up for you.

Investment: $680 (save $160)   

▵ One Session Balance

For previous clients, or those who have gone through the SSP (Soulful Starter Package) or equivalent. Even when we have done the deep work, life still happens, we have new life territory to explore, we find new parts of ourselves and life to explore. I am here as your guide when you need support thought any challenging spaces. 

Investment: $280. 

When to work with me

You'll know it's the right time to work with me. You want to feel into a life that is joyful, easier and to be in your flow.

  • Things feel way out of balance 
  • Your self worth story is holding you back from the success you deserve
  • You're in a cycle of addition you can't seem to break
  • You have lost connection to your soul and life purpose
  • You feel trapped in a situation, job, relationship or maybe even city,  and feel like you have lost all choice
  • You are ready to move through an old story and create space for a new one
  • You need support and guidance to make some big life changes. 
  • You've tried traditional methods of therapy, and things are still not shifting for you, you are seeking an alternative. 

Soulful support is available.
Book a 1:1 Session today.
In person or online - The choice is yours. 

Working with Lauren

I use a variety of ancient and modern tools in my sessions, to create a special sacred experience for growth, and expansion.  For the times when you have lost your connection, or are in a state of overwhelm with life, when you are struggling to keep up with change, or when you are struggling to make one. Soulcode healing sessions gently bring you back to your true essence, and help you to feel re-energised and able to live your life in a state of flow and grace.  I hold the space for you, but I am here to guide you to remember your OWN wisdom, which is more powerful than any medicine. These sessions are not intended as a substitute for professional medical care, and I only work with clients who are willing and able to take full responsibility for their life choices and direction. To take back their power.  

Which other modalities do you us apart from Medical Intuitive? 

I have training in a wide range of practices and individual techniques can be requested. Generally  can intuitively guide you using the techniques I feel will best support your goals. I offer the following: 

- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 
- Kinesiology
- Yoga Philosophy & Practice
- Mindfulness & Meditation
- Reiki
- Yogic Practices (including breath work & movement) 

What things can you fix? 

My belief is that actually there is nothing to "fix", but we together can create an awareness of the "why" something is or has consistently shown up for you on a soul level, raise the consciousness around this, and you can shift the concern through your own powerful wisdom. I help you to access it.

Common reasons clients book into see me for medical intuitive sessions:
- They are struggling with motivation, self belief, and self love. 
- They feel disillusioned with the western medical model
- They have a chronic illness/condition that no-ones seems to be able to fix
- They are looking for an alternative/compliment the to Psychology or mainstream modalities
- They need help to come to an acceptance over a loss, death, or are grieving. 
- Help you to reach alignment with your calling
- Support to leave toxic relationships & jobs
- They want help to Increase confidence and self worth

What happens in a Medical Intuitive session? 

We first discuss the reasons why you were called to book in with me. I hold the space for you, and as you talk I tune in and get a sense of the best techniques to suit you and your path. Sessions are either via Skype or in person from Flourish Clinic in Seddon (Inner West Melbourne) . Your session will be unique and tailored to you according to your own unique needs and intentions with the sessions. We will work together to create a plan to help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.  It's really important to keep in mind that these sessions are not a quick fix solution, and in my work with clients I do encourage you to make sure you commit to actions outside your sessions also to reinforce the work that is done in the healing space. When you are ready to do the work, the transformation unfolds.

I use crystal therapy, essences, touch therapy, talk therapy, soul education & empowerment.  

Bookings (To see me in person)

For all in person sessions please contact Flourish Chiropractic in Yarraville:

Fridays only: 3.00pm - 7.00pm at Flourish Chiropractic, 73 Gamon Street Yarraville. 
Phone:  9689 9136
Address: 73 Gamon Street, Yarraville

Online sessions (from anywhere in the world)

Please go to the online booking system to book your Skype session. Ensure you have Skype set up prior to your session, and invite me as a contact "laurenburnssoulcode"
Online bookings click here >>

Life is meant to be joyful, loving and fully connected. You deserve this. You are worthy! I can't wait to see you meet yourself fully.
Love Lauren xx

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"Lauren's intuitive approach and warm welcome made me immediately comfortable with her.  I knew instantly that she could 'See' me and understand at what point I was at in my life. This gave her enough insight to tackle the issue and dilemmas I presented quickly and easily. Her guidance has helped me to look at my life with fresh eyes and a fresh enthusiasm as her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. I would highly recommend her support, guidance and wisdom." - Louise,Yoga teacher & Writer