Couples Sessions 

The dynamic of an intimate relationship is like no other. And possibly the most fertile ground for true growth. Are you currently suffering in your relationship? Or perhaps seeking to connect on a deeper level? 

You are not alone, there is a calling, from men and women to stop the war with one another and to step into a new relationship paradigm, to enter the evolved relationship. One of conscious and deep connection, devoid of ownership and disrespect, and of deeper soulful intimacy. The paradigm for relationships is shifting, we are waking up, and we are craving more, more connection, more intimacy, more vulnerability, and freedom to be YOU.  Medical Intuitive Relationships sessions are the next evolution in relationship counselling for those ready for a new level of interpersonal enquiry. 

Relationship Soul Medicine Sessions can help to: 
- Offer relief from ongoing patterns of conflict and understand the dynamics of conflict
- Introduce ways to enhance or reconnect with physical intimacy
- Provide strategies for conscious and loving communication
- Aid you to reconnect to your inner beloved
- Explore and understand the divine masculine & divine feminine and the role of each within your relationship
- Explore how your soul contracts have attracted you to one another
- Reignite the flame that may have dulled. 
- Understand your partners love language and learn to create a meaningful dialogue using it
- Deepen your relationship on a soul level. 


These sessions are unlike traditional relationships counselling, and offer an alternative to traditional couples counselling that may have yielded some short term relief, but perhaps not addressed some of the deeper aspects of the soul contracts your have in your relationships. You may find that just one session can reveal an aspect of your healing together as a couple that can be the key to unlock a whole new level of understanding of one another. You may also wish to use these sessions as a way to connect lovingly to your partner, as a beautiful practice to connect in with one another on a deeper more evolved level.