Soulful Mentoring Packages

Guided, practical & soulful support for you to co-create the life of your dreams and desires. 

  • Confidence to launch your brand/business idea

  • Uplevel your visibility, get out of your own way and SHINE! 

  • Guidance for making tough relationship life calls

  • Support for you to connect to your inner power and authority

  • Make those big life changes you've been thinking about for years. 

  • Strategu and

Soulful Mentoring Packages

To make lasting change, often its a matter of really deep diving through a series of sessions to get to the heart of your goals, be they professional, spiritual, emotional and psychical/health related. Imagine how it would feel, if every week, fortnight, or month (depending on your needs) you knew you had someone to turn, and can help you to navigate your way to your vision, stoke the flames of your fire when you feel disconnected and  keep you accountable and on track for the vision and life you know is possible. I draw on a rich lifetime of experience, and my heart felt desire is to the share the wisdom I have received to others also on the path. To light the way, and be a port of call, to rest and to renew, and go forth and SHINE!

Six Sacred Sessions

6 x 60 min sessions - $1800
Includes BONUS discovery session
Cost per session: $300 (save $210) 


Terms and conditions
Sessions must be completed within 6 months of initial purchase.
No refunds or exchanges will be given. 
Fees are payable upfront. 


Please note: 

Lauren Burns is not a medical doctor and claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Lauren does NOT diagnose, treat, prescribe, mitigate, alleviate or care for any disease of any kind. These sessions are not intended as a substitute for appropriate professional medical care. It is the clients responsibility to consult andphysician or trained health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of any medical problem, issue, disease, or condition.

The services provided by Lauren Burns are informed by intuitive teaching, and her own personal study, practice and experience. It is the participant and clients full responsibility to employ their own free will to determine and act on his or her life choices. Lauren Burns does not accept any assumed or implied responsibility or liability whatsoever for her clients, or students choices, actions feeling or reactions during or after a session. Each individual creates their own reality and therefore no blame will be accepted by Lauren Burns for a client or students choice to not think or act responsibly.

Thank you.