Some beautiful feedback I’ve received throughout my 10+ years of service.


“The retreat for me was an experience of growth within. My journey has been amazing, I have never felt so loved, supported and inspired by such beautiful souls. I guess for me it was really reaching within my wounds, feeling them, mourning them and letting go. I felt the retreat was well balanced and catered for us all. I would definitely recommend the retreat.
The retreat is a healing retreat (more than just yoga alone). The yoga was part of the magic and the medicine of Mamma Bali. Lauren - you did an amazing job, my inspiration. You are an amazing soul, love you lots.” -
Sandra Pascuzzi Gatto
Bali - Devotion Retreat 2018


“Lauren is a visionary who shares her deep wisdom in a practical and structural way to guide people in their businesses. She has an innate ability to guide willing, creative people to ground their ideas and visions into reality in a practical way. I had a creative vision for my business and Lauren guided me with precise questioning to bring it into fruition. She asked me the questions I wasn't asking myself to help me gain a new perspective on how to structurally approach my business. Lauren's approach brings deep wisdom that is 'to the point' to guide people, and their business in a simple and effective way.”
- Steph Wallace, Teacher & Soulprenuer  

"I wanted to take the big step of starting my own business from working as a sub contractor in a small clinic. I felt very overwhelmed and felt it was a daunting process to start with rebranding, setting up a website, how it should look, where to set one up from etc. Lauren had a step by step guide for me to bring clarity on what I was to do with my rebranding and website. She gave me weekly tasks that were achievable and kept me accountable. Not only did she support me through the physical steps of the set up but she delved deeper and helped me to understand who I was and how I wanted to represent myself on my website. She helped to clear my self doubt and other issues that were holding me back from being confident and believing that I can have a successful business." 
- Nicole Nicholson (Nutritionist & Herbalist)


"Lauren's intuitive approach and warm welcome made me immediately comfortable with her work.  I knew instantly that she could 'See' me and understand at what point I was at in my life. This gave her enough insight to tackle the issue and dilemmas I presented quickly and easily. Her guidance has helped me to look at my life with fresh eyes and a fresh enthusiasm as her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. I would highly recommend her support, guidance and wisdom."
 Louise Avery -
Communications Professional

"Thank you Lauren! Our session was so powerful. I went in looking to hit the reset and rest button, as my mind and body were exhausted. I was in a disempowered and self-critical rut, and struggling against myself to get out of it. You gave me a most beautiful experience, which lifted me up and gave me my true self back. I felt held compassionately yet firmly, and through the amazing space you created and array of skills and qualities used, you facilitate me reconnecting to my heart. In that space I was able to give myself the love and forgiveness i needed. I had tears in my eyes throughout. I gained understanding of what was happening in my body, and how to take care of myself moving forward. I felt your wisdom and intuition is very deep, and it was so good to be able to let go and allow someone to understand and diagnose me at an emotional and soul level. I was amazed at the accuracy of what came up in the sessions. I also really appreciate your grounded no-nonsense edge that made me trust what you said and feel very accountable and responsible for myself. Week and half later and I recognise how much the session has helped me alter the trajectory i was on. And to have my heart back... no words for that. Thank you. Will be back soon."
Tom Kippenger - Life Coach

"Thanks so much for today.. I have found each time I have walked out of an appointment with you, I am inspired to take instant action and get so much clarity about what is really going underneath all the layers, the stuff that is not as easy to say out loud. I have loved every one of the sessions."  
Jane Hallisey - Kinesiologist and Mother


Your Soul Your Brand Workshop

"Very empowering workshop. I feel like I have the tools I need to get confident in establishing my business 'why' and mission. I also feel motivated to start planning, creating and manifesting"
Tanya Roberts - Lululemon Store Manager

"The part that touched me was abut the blockages and fear associated with moving forward with the business. The activity, content and meditation really hit my heart and I was fighting back the tears of realising that we all have similar blockages. I feel more confident in my ability to move forward."
Lisa Reefman - Health Entrepreneur

"I found this workshop to be an important milestone in ensuring my vision becomes a reality, but most importantly a priority. Following the workshop I now have a greater sense of clarity of "where to start" which can often be the most difficult step."
Belinda Morelli - Yoga Teacher & Mother


"Being new to ashtanga yoga I could not of asked for a kinder more energetic vibrant teacher.  Lauren makes yoga fun, in such a way that you get awesome results inside and out without even knowing how hard you're working and always leave with a big smile." Melissa Modica - Brand Manager

"After practicing with over 50 teachers around the world, I can honestly say Lauren you are one of very few teachers I have connected with physically, mentally and spiritually. It's hard to find gurus like you, I recommend your classes for all walks of yogis!" 
Zoe Taylor - Corporate Trainer & Yoga Teacher

"I had practiced yoga on and off over a few years before I took my first Mysore class with Lauren. Previously it was something that I did once a week and enjoyed, but I never felt like I was moving forward. Committing to regular Mysore practice with Lauren has given me the opportunity to have a teacher who tailors each class to my level and who knows how and when to challenge me. It has started me on a yoga journey. Thank you for sharing your passion Lauren." 
Meredith Jackson
- Corporate Lawyer

"Lauren is a generous and nurturing teacher.  Over the last year I have seen my practice build on many levels with her guidance."
Rhiannon Modica - Regional Sales Director